Monday, June 15, 2009

For your viewing pleasure

If you keep up with my sidebar (and I know you don' don't even try to pretend...), then you know that my oldest daughter has a blog (a blog with a new layout, I might add) - and if that wasn't enough rip-roaring excitement for one sidebar, now my next oldest daughter has a brand new blog, complete with Adorable Pictures of the Amazing Eli, my fourth and newest grandbaby (who will be here, live and in person - along with all the other granchildren) in less than two weeks!

But for now I will be content with his starring role in his mom's new blog.

So go on over there and check it out, and get a looky at Eli's orange blueberry-picking pants. He is up for Best Dressed Baby of 2009. Hopefully, his mommy will post lots and lots of pictures of him so you will see why.

You can comment over there - or you can come back here and tell me how cute he is. Or both.
Your choice.


jax said...

If you, Brite + I all continue to link to each other, we could each have 3x the readers!

Or ... we could all end up with the same 3 readers.

But at least we have each other. <3

brite said...

I'm thinking the latter, but really, that's why we are doing this, right? :)

Sarah said...

I am enjoying all three of your blogs. Mrs. Pittman, you are just so funny. I love the way you write. Brite, I love your inspirations and craftiness. And Jaqueline, I love ALL. THOSE. PICTURES!

p.s. I have been keeping up with your side-bar. I'm not pretending. I always read everybody's side bar :)