Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day Lunch

What do you give a man who already has his quiver (very) full, and who doesn't want you to spend any (of his hard-earned) money to buy him a gift?

If you guessed paninis, you would be right! (and weird)

Here's the Fortunate Father and his lunch, which just happened to be made by me, Mary-Faith, and Hunter. And yes, it did take 3 of us to make paninis for 10 - but for smaller families you may be able to do it yourself.

But first, here's where we got our inspiration. The fact that it is my daughter's blog has nothing to do with why I chose it.

The pictures on the inspiration blog are more appetizing than mine, but I'd be willing to betcha a couple of jars of marinated artichoke hearts that mine were just as good. (Maybe better.)

And for dessert (not pictured...which is a sign of just how good it was!) we had the Best Chocolate Sheet Cake Ever, made popular by the Pioneer Woman, but made even better by adding Breyers coffee ice cream on the side.

Not sure what the father thinks, but I believe I speak for all his progeny when I say it was a good - albeit high-calorie, Father's Day.

P.S. Lest you think it was all about the food, we did go around the panini-laden table and take turns expressing what it was about Good Ol' Dad that we would like to (a) emulate when we are a father, or (b) be sure to marry a man who emulates. It was very touching, with mentions of diligence, initiative, and a continuing thirst for knowledge heading the list. Although the sentiment that brought tears (of laughter) to our eyes was when a certain child mentioned that he hoped to grow up and have a scruffy beard and hair loss. (Sounds like he wants to be a homeless, bald guy, doesn't it?!)


jax said...

Nathan insists that you are just fishing for comments by saying that your paninis may have been better than mine ... but I can't help walking right into your trap and saying ...

Yeah right! But they do look pretty tasty. Good job Mom! :)

Debbie @ Cheaper by the Bakers Dozen said...

That Nathan! (He really knows me, doesn't he?)

Well, you tell him that his favorite mother-in-law has never even thought of "fishing" for comments (until now!)

Thanks again for the inspiration, sweetheart.

Lauren said...

sooooo fabulous and precious. :)

i miss being in your home.

Sarah said...

That lunch looks awesome.

Now, we do get LOTS of pictures of ALL the family when they come to visit this next week, right? With all these bloggers and photographers there should be lots of pictures and posts, right?

I am the voice of your camera reminding you to take pictures BEFORE the party's over :)

Have a blast with your all the family!!

Anonymous said...

Voice number two (your camera has a safety backup).

Anonymous said...

Voice number two (your camera has an emergency/safety backup. Impressed?)

Anonymous said...


Kit D. said...

Okay, I am crawling out of the dark anonymity of lurking & actually commenting!:) You have inspired me to get out James's panini machine, despite the cleaning hassle that follows. I have to share a funny observation - at church, I learned that, for lunch, the Woodyards were having waffles and your (P)family was having paninis. Keeping with the culinary alliteration, we tried to decide what the Dulins should have and could only come up with doughnuts or daikon - neither of which seemed like good choices. We opted for "Delicious tacos." Promise my next comment won't be so long-winded.:)

Debbie @ Cheaper by the Bakers Dozen said...

Miss Leah-
Never, ever feel the need to apologize for leaving 3 comments (even if they all say the same thing.)

And Kit! Welcome into the light and out of the murky lurkdom. I think I would've opted for Dulin Doughnuts, but I guess you were trying to fit in more than one food group, huh? :)

Sarah (and Leah and Leah and Leah), Yes indeedy the camera will be attached to my hip all next week. Thanks for ALL the reminders.

Kahlua Keeping Koala said...

You make me laugh!

busymomof10 said...

Sounds like a great Father's Day! Alan got shortchanged this year! I left Sunday morning with 6 of the kids headed for SC, to visit my MOm and my sister and to take the big boys to camp. Alan left for a meeting in Savannah, and that left Tiffany and a couple kids at home, and somehow Father's Day got pushed to the back burner. the very back burner!

Dayna said...

Hi, Debbie! I've finally made it to your blog! Nathan gave me the address a while back, but I have a long list of excuses. I look forward to catching up.

By the way, while admiring the photos of your sweet husband and that yummy sandwich, I was struck by the fact that he looks a bit like Marlon Brando in that photo!

Laura said...

My husband's father's day gift was delivering all the children to Camp Charis then dinner at Osaka with me :)