Friday, June 5, 2009

6 Uninteresting Things that make me Happy

I saw a list like this on another blog so I figured I'd steal it. But I'm a benevolent thief, with a conscience, so I won't actually steal her 6 Things...Just her title, and her idea.

Although I really liked her title, I have to confess I've been a tad apathetic this week (thus the dearth of blog posts) so it would've been a ton easier for me to think of 6 Uninteresting Things that make me UN-Happy. In fact, without much effort I was up to about 18 UNHappy, Uninteresting Things before I realized a post like that would only send me spiraling down the mood pole.

And by reading it, I might just have dragged you down it with me.

So, I'll try to stick with 6 Uninteresting Things That Make Me Happy (but if you find them interesting, it's not my problem.)

(1) Hearing my 3 yo grandson's voice on his mom's cell phone voice message. "This is Mommy's phone. Leave a message." Honestly, it makes me giggle every time I hear it. (And it makes me mad when I'm anticipating hearing him, and she actually answers the phone! Whoops.....I'm spiraling down again.....)

(2) Propped up in bed at night with a cup of hot tea, the fan swirling above me, and a good book on my lap. (Current good book is Crocodile on the Sandbank by Elizabeth Peters...Great writing, no-brain reading, slightly funny, perfect for filling that void between tired and drowsy.)

(3) An empty laundry room. A short-lived, albeit elated, feeling of accomplishment.

(4) The UPS man stopping in front of my house. Or the UPS woman. I'm not picky. (If I was writing about things that make me UN-Happy, which of course I'm absolutely NOT, I could add the UPS guy/gal stopping, walking up to the door, and handing me a book-sized box which turns out to contain........some kind of replacement part for something my husband is trying to fix. I am Not in My Happy Place after that ....although I do appreciate my Fix-It-Himself husband. It's the UPS person I have issues with.)

(5) Sitting out by my pool, mesmerized by the clean, sparkly blue water, closing my eyes and feeling the sun on my (heavily lotioned) face - especially when there are no kids yelling "watch me, Mom, watch me!" (I do enjoy watching them....just not when I'm trying to be mesmerized.)

(6) Coming home from a successful trip to Goodwill, where I got two cute plates, a great wallet, and 2 pairs of nice summer shoes (hope that doesn't gross anyone out...But you'd have been tempted to buy some stranger's shoes, too, if you had seen these sandals!).

(6a) If I was telling you about things that make me UN-Happy (which I totally an not), I might say something hypothetical like this:
Coming home from a trip to Goodwill where I spent over an hour looking at the titles of Every Book In The Store because the sign said "Books, Videos, DVDs 50% off", only to narrow it down to 8 books that rang up full-price at the register because someone forgot to take the sign down from yesterday.

Maybe I'll use reverse psychology on myself tomorrow, and will attempt a list of 6 Uninteresting things that Really Tick Me Off. Perhaps only happy, little grateful thoughts will ebb out of my keyboard, (and I'll realize I am indeed as gullible as the Goodwill guy thinks I am.)


BParrish said...

That's the funniest title in a while. I may to steal it myself. It's a good exercise for those "half-empty glass" days.

Davene said...

Stealing blog ideas is actually a good thing, I think. After all, "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery," right? :)

I enjoyed reading your list and always find you humorous, even when your UNhappy stuff creeps in. Life is so mixed with happy and unhappy things/thoughts every day!

Lauren said...

ah! i love hearing Coop on Brite's voicemail, too!!

Anonymous said...

I have been to Goodwill at least FIVE times, and I have ONE item to show for all FIVE times.

That would on my unhappy list, IF I were making one.

Laura said...

I might just have to flatter you by imitating you with your title. I've been feeling particularly un-inspired lately.

Debbie @ Cheaper by the Bakers Dozen said...

Laura, flatter away!
I look forward to reading all kinds of uninteresting things about you!

Mama Weso said...

I love that you did not post the things that make you unhappy, even though you were tempted to do so, and even though the happy things reminded you of the unhappy things, yet you didn't even go there! Way to be self-controlled!!!

Actually, I love your sense of humor, your honesty, and the fact that you actually bought sandals at Good Will!

Mrs. White said...

What a darling post!! You are so entertaining! I love all the donuts at the top of the blog!!
Mrs. White in Vermont

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