Saturday, July 3, 2010

Boys, Foolishness, and Forgiveness

dear mother,
i am sorry for holding daniel under water. i did not realize it because i was in the middle of fighting justin when it happened. (and i did not actually have him in a leg lock, and I think he could have gotten out of it if he tried harder.) i will go apologize to lil' danny.
will you forgive me?
love, Alex

Dear Alex,
I most definitely forgive you for "trying to kill your brother" (as Daniel put it). I forgive you just as Christ has forgiven me for doing things that caused him to have to die on a cross to take the punishment for my sins. Thankfully, He has paid for your sin, too, so you don't have to die for holding Daniel underwater.

Thanks for admitting your sin and apologizing. And especially for telling Daniel that you were wrong and should never have done that to him. Your little brother watches you, copies you, and wants to be like you. Wouldn't it be terrible if he did something foolish, even on accident, and hurt someone (like Cooper or another younger child)? Let's both try to remember that our actions have consequences, OK? I'm really glad God gave me you for a son!

I love you :)


Dayna said...

Precious! Thanks for sharing.

And congratulations on a new granddaughter!!

jax said...

This is hilarious -- Nathan was proud of the line about "he could have gotten out of it if he'd tried harder..." Spoken like a true older brother. :)

Kahlua Keeping Koala said...

I'm thinking perhaps that written words is a very good way to love our children. I'm thinking if this was my kid I wouldn't have been able to type for quite some time. I'm thinking I'd have to sequester myself to prevent something worse... Oh what a wretched woman I am.

Anonymous said...

I love that!!! It sounds just like my brothers!!!

busymomof10 said...

Precious letters! Wow, we have certainly done the same and worse! What a precious gift we have in Forgiveness with No Strings Attached from our Father! Thanks for sharing this!!!

Baby Blessings said...

Found your blog through "blog hopping". That is such a cute letter!:>) Great idea that you wrote him back. I would think your words "sunk in" better that way.