Thursday, January 22, 2009

How to Get Attention in a Large Family

Lose a body part, that's how! Not only do you get to stay up late (why do these things always happen at midnight?!), but you also get that coveted alone time with a parent (I guess the ER counts as being alone since hardly anyone there spoke English, and even the staff seemed to ignore the fact that we were pain...without makeup on...and no blowdryer packed.)

Here's the patient sans his appendix.

I told Justin if he continued to look this good I was going to move him out of the fluffy bed in the guest room, take away his non-water drink (when I gave it to him he said, "Do I get the WHOLE bottle?".....Poor, deprived 'large family' child), and send him back to school.

So, he quickly changed his expression.

I have to admit, I've enjoyed being able to give him extra-special attention while everyone else is gone- and I love the way he doesn't flinch right now when I kiss his feverish head over and over (it may be the Vicodin, but I'm pretty sure it's my Gentle Reassuring Motherliness that is calming him down and making him drowsy...)

There's just something indispensably endearing about a 15 year old boy who needs his Mommy.

Are there any other spare body parts on these guys?.......


prof en retraite said...

Hi Debbie...Thanks for stopping by my blog! I saw your plates on the wall in one of the photos! Wow! You have an amazing family! Drop by to visit any tiem!...Debbie

mamajil said...

I hope the recovery is going well and that he will be back to his ole self soon!!!
Take care! (and isn't it a wee bit endearing when they are Oh so big and still need their mommy?!)

Pretty Organizer said...

Okay, I just decided that I want to move into your house! You wouldn't notice another 8 people running around would you? Really, after 6 or 7 isn't management about the same? What a lady! I DREAM of being you! I love kids and were it not for the fact that I've been losing my hair faster than I'm growing it (and my husband isn't making money as fast as I want to expand the clan) we'd have more!

You living room at Christmas is fabulous! I love that color and the crisp clean energy that it brings to the room.

Yes our tan kiddos are great! We love them dearly and are so happy we finally have a little color in our family tree... things were boring for generations!

I look forward to checking back often. Thanks for stopping by my blog AND thanks for being so positive about wallpaper! Geesh, I didn't realize the hatred for it ran so deep:)
Pretty Organizer

Laura said...

Glad to see he is recovering well. You are the best mom ever putting him up in the fancy guest room! Next time I get sick, can I fake being one of your kids for a few days?

Kelley said...

Oh wow, poor guy! As awful in some ways as it has been for him I'm sure he won't forget this special time with you. I remember thinking as a kid a few times how I wished I could have some sort of an operation to get that kind of attention:-)

lea said...

wow, you got a comment from someone named "pretty organizer"! LUCKYYYYY...

a WHOLE bottle of gatorade... you are so generous these days. are you sure YOU are popping some of those pills?

jodi said...

my kids will be so happy to see photographic proof that he's okay and being well taken care of. they've been so worried about him!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

What a sweet blog you have & thanks for stopping by to see me. Looks like you've got a lot going on. I hope you'll come back often for some more fun!

I love the green color in your room too. Really sets off that Christmas tree. I'd love to know the name if you still have it. I'm always collecting good colors.

Krista said...

I give thanks to God that he is doing better!
Tell him to "milk it for all it's worth!!!"
Even a year from now he might be having appendix phantom pains and will perhaps need the "guest bedroom treatment."

Debbie said...

Krista, You're right on!
I told Justin I was going to strip the guest room bed so he should plan on sleeping in his own bed tonight (his bunk his room with 4 brothers...4 loud brothers) - And don't you know, He has a fever now (!) so he's back in the Guest Room/Infirmary.

I'm hoping it's not a recurrance of infection, but would appreciate the continued prayers. The Dr said we had to go back to the ER if it doesnt go down by the morning.

I think I'll offer to let him stay in there permanently if we just don't have to go back to the ER!!!!!!!!!!

Pat said...

Oh my. Who is that poor person commenting who wished she had had such an emergency growing up so she could get special attention? Doesn't she know she got all the attention for two entire years (and proof of that is her THREE large baby books ... unlike child #9 who has 5 page total)? I'm not bitter.

Kahlua Keeping Koala said...

wahoo! you are a better mom than me. L broke his collarbone at 2.5yo but he had to wait til the next afternoon fore an x-ray and harness

Meg in Tally said...

As it seems to have taken me too long to drop by and check out your NEW post..I hope things are all better by now. I was able to keep up with his progress thru FB and TCHF. He looks quite handsome ensconced in his royal bed... Unfortunately, this could give other "poor" children the idea that they should receive the same treatment from their mother--instead of the "take a couple of Tylenol and call me in the morning!"

It appears from your new commenters that you've been having quite a bit of free time to roam BloggyWorld. Things must be truly on the mend!