Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Shhhhh...Rekindling an old flame!

I recently started seeing someone I had a crush on years ago (more like infatuation, to be honest). We used to spend A LOT of time together. Think. Daily.

I thought I was over the whole thing. It was something I did as a young woman and I wrongly thought it was no longer a temptation now that I had some years on me. It was all part of my young, sordid past.

What a waste of time, I thought. So many other things I could have been doing. (like focusing on my kids....or my husband, for heaven's sake!)

I hid this from him for too long.

Although I didn't marry a dummy -he's a smart guy. Occasionally he would find evidences in my trunk.

I'd make a terrible criminal.

He did mention it a couple of times and even asked me if I thought the whole thing was really necessary. He thought I had everything I needed at home.
I probably did - but those early years of marriage and child bearing can be a tempestuous time of discontent for some women.

So this time around I didn't even try to hide it. Actually, with the way things are in the world now, it doesn't even seem like something that needs to be clandestine at all.

I'm OK, You're OK, you know?

They say confession is good for the soul, and I guess I'll find out since I'm posting pictures and everything.

Yep, I'm definitely smitten again. And the object of my affections is Will.

Good Will, that is. And before you start to judge me, look at what I've gotten from him in the last two weeks! He speaks my love language - - - - Pillows....Preferably pillows that are under $5, as each of these were!

Take a closer look at the tassels on this beauty! Nester would be so proud of me. (Check out the tassels she sells if you want to see some amazing fringe, plus she has a giveaway and a Super Good decorating post today.)

And who could resist these polka-dots (which are a little too casual for my living room, but the way I move things around they'll be in another place soon anyway.) The green dots match my living room walls. And all for $1.99 :)

Now, I ask you - Why would someone donate this black toile pillow with the Thick Fringe! And the checkered border!

Can you see why I can't resist Good Will when he offers me things like this?! Who needs clean houses? Who needs to read great literature? Who needs Dave Ramsey's stupid budget with no category for Pillows?!

Different toile, more of a cream background, so I put it on my daughter's black iron bed, which will look even better when her black and red sham comes out of the wash.

And here is the piece de' resistance - the floral round pillow with the striped piping and border, And rub your hand across those flowers, would you? There's candlewicking on the leaves!

And did I mention? Every pillow but the polka dot one has a zippered cover so I can wash them?! Not that being zipperless would have deterred me from shelling out $3-4 for them, but with 7 sons....Washable is Nice.

Yes Indeedy, I feel better now that I've told you that I'm seeing Mr. GoodWill several times a week right now. And when I can't see him - I still wonder what he might have for me the next time we're together.

And Don't Even Bother to Ask the location where we meet. I'm trying to keep this all to myself!


Laura said...

I have to say I'm jealous of your ability to spend time with Mr. GoodWill. I don't go because I don't like taking my kiddos, and that leaves precious little time otherwise.

jodi said...

great job! but i hate to tell you that goodwill up here is MUCH cheaper (which, i suppose, if we're referring to it as a him, would make him a cheapskate and that would *not* be a good thing). remember that milk glass container i saw at the thomasville rd. goodwill for 6.97 before i moved? i found the same thing up here....for .97! yup, ninety-seven cents! even dave ramsey would consider a goodwill category to a budget with those kinds of deals.

of course finding a house within our budget big enough for all of us is a totally different story...

The Nester said...

Wow! You did great! And I agree, Will is just so irresistably GOOD!

Pretty Organizer said...

You had me going. I felt a little naughty even reading on! GoodWill is MY man. Good thing you live in another state and I don't have to worry about you stealing MY pillows:) Fabulous finds lady! No wonder you're feeling the thrill of the hunt!

Krista said...

I remember you saying that you enjoyed Goodwill back in Orlando! While we were there I thought of you when we drove past this enormous Goodwill mall headquarters place!:)

By the way, I missed you on Sunday. I hope you are feeling better.

lea said...

what?!?!? GASP?!?!??! will never told me that you and he were so well acquainted?!??!? i would say that it is over between he and i now, but i can't stop seeing him either....

Lori said...

I just have to know WHICH Will you are seeing. The one that lives on Cap. Circle or the T-ville Rd Will?

brite said...

that round pillow is from anthropologie...very nice! :) I'm looking forward to furnishing my "new" place...with your expert advice, of course. When can you be there???

Mama Weso said...

You are a naughty girl, but one with great pillows! Shopping at thrift stores is so much more fun than the mall where you know what to expect and what you expect is what you get (if you can afford it). On the other hand, a trip to a thrift store is a treasure hunt for those with the smallest of budgets!

Meg in Tally said...

How much would you pay to know who donated the pink-polka-dots? Make me an offer!