Sunday, May 25, 2008

Welcome Home, Me!

I knew you would want to know I arrived home safely. Sorry I didn't call, but it was late :)

And speaking of it being late, I want to go to bed. So for tonight, I'll keep it short and suffice it to say...I had a wonderful time at the Florida Parent Educators Association convention, where I shared a room with the zany (and I could give Plenty of Examples to back that up if it weren't for Roommate Confidentiality) and the naturally beautiful (as in, it took her less than 2 minutes to get ready each morning and she looked perfect - and skinny (ugh!), Jessica M.

Plus she's a vegetarian and she made all these delicious spinach/cheese sandwiches for us to eat.

I have chosen to continue to be her friend in spite of all that because....Well, because I'm just all naturally forgiving and big-hearted like that.*

I did something totally bizarre and freakish this year at the convention. I didn't spend much time at all in the exhibit hall. Yes, that same exhibit hall where They Sell Millions of Books That I Need. Instead, I spent most of my time attending workshops.... learning things. Things I MUST tell you about.


When I did go in the exhibit hall (which I only did for YOU...because of course,I'm just Ever Content And Completely Satisfied with what I already own**),I tried to spend time talking to vendors I hadn't really scrutinized before. I saw lots of new products that you will want to hear about.

Starting tomorrow.

- Debbie

**another lie

P.S. Thanks to Brite and Shepherd for filling in for me (and thanks to Shep for the idea to use **'s). It was a huge help, and I will be sure to mention your assistance when I accept the Every Day in May American Blogger award at Albert's (pronounced Al-Bears) in a few weeks.


Krista said...

I found you! :)

Kaluha Keeping Koala said...

You forgot the time change trick. Now this post shows up on Sunday!