Friday, May 23, 2008

The competition continues ...

I hope you're all enjoying your jam. I've made three jars already.*

The Pittman family is strangely un-wired this weekend, with several of us out of town and lacking access to life support.** As you may have heard (a lot) if you are a frequent CBTBD reader, my mother and our friend Lea are embroiled in an "Every day in May" blogging competition, which is probably why I got a call from Mom a couple of hours ago. We chatted for a moment before her real purpose became evident. "I can't get online at this hotel without paying a $25.00 charge!" she said. "Is there ANY WAY you could post on my blog?"

This really shouldn't have surprised me; the women in our family are what competitive wants to be when it grows up. Let's just say I don't advise getting between them and a high score on Taboo or Scattergories. Winning may feel good, but is it worth the cost?

I too am out of town and without reliable Internet, and my little signal bars are starting to flicker, so I should call it a night. This may not be much of a post, but it counts. Sorry, Lea.

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.


* Lie
** Also known as wi-fi.


Davene said...

Thanks, Shepherd. Your whole family cracks me up!

What do you get for helping your mom win this competition? ;)

Jax said...

MOM is competitive? HA. I am by far the most competitive woman in our family.
Also, Shepherd, CBTBD made me think of the old days: "What's a tee-cee-dee-cee?"

Colette said...

ROFL...great post! :)

Kaluha Keeping Koala said...

LOL starting to rouse DH. Stop it. Don't make me laugh! Competetion: here we go, Debbie, make me laugh more than Sheperd did next time you post.