Thursday, June 24, 2010

Missed Photo Opps

Dear Camera,

I miss you. You know that saying about what absence does to the heart? It's totally true in our case. I think about you all the time. Fortunately, the time has gone quickly because life has been unbelievably full during our time apart - full of things that should have been photographed and chronicled. I could kick myself for being so negligent and leaving you on that table in NC in my rush to get in the van. I'd blame it on my husband's impatience but that would be unkind (yet true.) I take full responsibility (even though my camera looks just like my daughter's and she should have noticed that there were two sitting on her dining room table.) I hope you're ready to work some overtime when we reunite. In the meantime, here's what I've been up to while we've been apart. (Really, really)Wish you were here.

Molly and Daniel went to Vacation Bible School
(not pictured: them dressed as really cute cowpokes)

Father's Day lunch
(not pictured: The Best Texas Sheet Cake Ever from The Pioneer Woman's Cook Book. It was just as good as she promised (actually, I think mine was a little better than hers...)

Justin and Alex went to Camp Charis.
(not pictured: stinky sleeping bags; happy, exhausted boys with permanently dirty feet; and two Hefty bags stuffed full of wet, filthy camp clothes)

Friends came over to swim
(not pictured: Wild kids doing dangerous flips off the diving board, followed by kids in bathing suits sitting in time-out)

Mary-Faith's crew team got 10th place at the Nationals in Ohio
(not pictured: Mary-Faith with her team getting on the bus; Mary-Faith with her team at the race; Mary-Faith with her team getting off the bus)

We refurbished the landscaping by the driveway.
(not pictured: the rare sight of me with dirt under my nails, weeding and sweating and actually doing the gardening work (vs. supervising) due to kids being at VBS, camp, and crew races)

I woke up the "morning after" weeding and sweating and actually doing the gardening work, to the agony of muscle spasms in my back from the extensive bending I did while weeding and sweating and actually doing the gardening work (vs. supervising) due to the kids being at VBS, camp, and crew races.
(Definitely Not Pictured- me loopy from pain pills that made me weird-looking, and I couldn't stand up straight so I would have looked fat in the pictures and they never would have seen the light of a bloggy day.)

My dear Nikon, I fervently hope to see you soon. Until then, I remain your careless, yet increasingly more appreciative owner,

P.S. This just in! My pool visitor sent me a picture from her I-phone. I miss my (non-existent;never-going-to-get) I-phone, too.


jax said...

Maybe I should just go ahead mail the camera back to you ... maybe THAT would be the "it-figures" catalyst that sets me into labor.

Cheaper by the Baker's Dozen said...

Yep, Jax, maybe you should. Because then I could be at YOUR house with my new grand daughter, missing Kodak moments because my camera is en route to my home.
Don't chance it. I'm sure I'll pick it up in person any day now :)

Anonymous said...

Personally, I laughed harder over that post than over many a 'pictured' one.