Saturday, November 7, 2009

At least someone has blog time...

...but she certainly doesn't live in my house!

Because in my house the computer is taken up by half-written upper school essays. And biology definitions, spelling websites, and states and capital matching games.

School is defining us.

However, I plan on rectifying our misaligned priorities.

.....Right after we get finished with (way, way) overdue essays, mysteriously missing writing journals, and several big fat 0's on math homework, we will put away our Ticonderoga pencils and make a plan to put school back in its proper order.

God. Family. School. Blog. Chores.

After all, Jesus grew in wisdom, stature and favor with God and man, right? I see more than just one category in there!

Jesus grew in wisdom. It's just too short and out of balance.

But I humbly ask you - How can one expect to grow in stature if one doesn't have time to eat, sleep, and play soccer? And may I add that part of the blame needs to go to Frankenstein?

His doggone story takes up ELEVEN CD's, all of which had to be listened to this weekend (good story, btw!) And don't bother me with the little detail of the book being assigned 6 weeks ago. It's not our fault that whomever had the CDs before us took their sweet time listening to them, probably taking occasional breaks to eat, sleep, pee, and play soccer - none of which we had the luxury of being able to do.

And what about growing in favor with man? I'm not feelin' the favor right now.
Could it be because of the sign on our front door that says "Do Not Disturb our Study!"

Perhaps that's enough ranting for one blog post. (although my faithful readers know I am really only getting warmed up....)

If misery loves company and you haven't gotten your fill of ranting, just call me. Or better yet, meet me at Panera. Their orange scones are rant-inducing. So I may need to rinse that down with a rant-calming chai tea latte.)

In the meantime, here's a blog you'll like, and it will keep you plenty busy because she sounds amazing.

I bet she doesn't have kids in private school.

Maybe she doesn't even have kids.

If she does, they must be illiterate. Lucky ducky blogger.

Just kidding, my dear, studious children. You're very worth it. I'm glad you're not going to be illiterate. I'm glad we spend every waking hour doing homework. I'm glad I read the Illiad and Frankenstein and The Yearling instead of Southern Living and Cook's Illustrated. I love learning about the locomotion of flagellates instead of playing online Scrabble.

And who needs to blog anyway?

(Just because it's my only creative outlet.)

Why should I even get to pretend for 10-15 lousy, precious, rare moments that someone is actually listening to me? I mean, who cares if this is the only writing I get to do that isn't "assigned" to me by someone 1/2 my age?

Whoops. Was I just ranting again?

I can't end on a rant. I'll end on a touching moment in my otherwise academically overloaded life. You may have noticed that I haven't blogged in awhile. But I'm honestly awed (actually, stupefied) that I keep getting visitors every day. Visitors to nothing. And comments.

You deserve better. Go read that other girl's blog.

Debbie; teacher, mom, and blogger (in that sad order)


lea said...

i bet she doesn't have children either. and i bet that neither of us knows what that anonymous commenter (above my comment) wanted to tell you. i bet it was something to the extent of "wow, i have missed your witty blogging debbie. but i totally understand and see you at panara soon."

lea said...

you are a computer genius... or you contracted one of your children to take off the comment from your foreign stalker. way to go!

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that the person who has so much to do that she doesn't have the time to blog about it, must be far more interesting than the person who has enough time to blog every day. When you don't tell us what you're doing, we'll just assume that you're saving the world, again, and can't be troubled to post.

Dayna said...

I love reading your blog, you crazy woman!