Friday, July 3, 2009

Staycation- Beach Day

Yes, I'm still posting pictures from Day One of Staycation (even though the staycation officially ends tomorrow - and Yes, this is probably my way of prolonging the inevitable post-grandchild visit blues.) I would've posted them before now - but Blogger Hates Me...and apparently my offspring, and the children of my offspring.

Two nights in a row I have carefully selected pictures to share with you, clicked on the photo icon, and hoped I would find enough Bloggy Favor to end up with something more than just text, but each night I get right to the brink of success, only to end with a screen full of snow.

"Someone" has suggested that perhaps if I blogged earlier in the evening (or perhaps even early morning)I would not be experiencing these "technical difficulties", to which I answer: Do you think I wait up at night, just twiddling my thumbs until some ungodly hour so I can blog while every other soul is snuggled in their down comforters?


I blog late at night because that's usually when I have some "unallocated" time. So maybe "someone" should walk a mile in my screen name for a day or two and we'll see what bright ideas they come up with - if they're not too exhausted to speak coherently!

(And if "someone" was truly trying to be nice and offer a helpful suggestion...then kindly disregard the previous paragraph.)

Anyway- here's the pittance of pictures Blogger has allowed me to post tonight, after 53 minutes of trying. Fortunately, they're all excellent and worth the wait :)

The first three are of Jacqueline (my second oldest daughter) and her baby Elijah. He has the most expressive faces, doesn't he?

Molly has been asking for a baby for the past several years. She doesn't think it's fair that everyone else in the family has younger siblings except for her and Daniel. I've tried to explain to her that someone has to be the youngest, even in a family of 13. I'm hoping that all this Baby Holding time (in addition to the poopie diapers and spit-up) will cure her of the Baby Fever.

The beach was wonderful, even though we had intermittent thunderstorms. This is Daniel, waiting for the weather to clear so he can kayak.

More kayakers - Grandchild #1 and #2.

Winston spent hours fishing. When someone yelled for me to come out of the beach house and see the shark Winston had caught I'm not sure what I was expecting, but I'm pretty sure it was something a little more menacing (and larger) than this.

Jacqueline and Nathan are a Fun Couple. They enjoy life. And they enjoy posing for the camera.
I know they were trying to be silly here, but I love this shot since it exemplifies their care-free spirit and their newlywed (2 years) love.

Here's Shep, trying to act like holding wet, sandy babies is just a natural thing for him. He's going to make a terrific father one day. But first I'd like him to make a terrific husband. And right now I'd settle for him being a terrific Guy in a Serious Relationship that Might Lead to Marriage.

And, just in case you needed proof that I'm a slow learner/eternal optimist, I just waited another 37 minutes (meaning it is now 1:28 a.m.) for Blogger to be kind enough to allow me to show you the following pictures.

This is where "Pop" spent much of his time - In the kitchen. We each took turns preparing meals, which meant that everyone attempted to outshine the others - which meant that we had several 20,000 calorie days.

One night in the future, when I need even less sleep than tonight's potential 5 1/2 hours, I think I should do a whole post on Staycation Meals. Pop's meal above consisted of stuffed pork chops, Gorgonzola/honey pecan salad, and Pop's famous, homemade rice-a-roni.


Good night (or morning).


Lauren said...

your sacrifice is so appreciated...and, i mean, at least SOMEONE is posting something! your daughters are kind of slacking. ;)

busymomof10 said...

I LOVE seeing the pictures of your family!!!!! Gives me visions of what it will be like some day when some of my brood begins to marry and bring home husbands/wives and bring forth Grandchildren! Wow! It still seems a long time in the future for me, but I know it will be here before I know it! Praying for godly husbands for my two oldest daughters (nearly 24 and 22). Thanks for your efforts in uploading pictures! I loved them!

Moriah @ Please Pass the Salt said...


Okay, if Blogger is giving you trouble, you need to go to and create an account, upload your pictures there (faster & easier), and then get the html codes and pop them into your post. Wala, done. You can also make the photos fancy there.

(I can't may have to resize if the photos are too big for your post margins, can't remember exactly what Blogger does.)

Debbie @ Cheaper by the Bakers Dozen said...

Moriah, you flatter me. I can hardly understand what you said (resizing?), much less do it. But I did get the book Blogging for Dummies for my birthday (last year...), so maybe I'll get it out and see if it says anything about the benefits of blogging before midnight :)

Davene said...

I'm sorry it took you so long to post these pictures, but it sure was fun to see them.

Happy 4th! :)

Kahlua Keeping Koala said...

You have a fantastic looking family, It must be contagious! What are the requirements for adoption into your family?

sally said...

Hey Debbie! I LOVE the pictures and commentary about your staycation! It must have been so great to have everyone together. A thought about the photos....I read on ThePioneerWoman's blog that you should not put photos directly on your blog, but instead to some other photo service (I'm not techno-savvy, so I don't know the right words!) first and then drag them (?) to your blog because if you were to ever change your blog service or start another blog, you wouldn't be able to take the photos with you. Check her blog site under the photography section.

Laura said...

Just catching up on your last few posts. Beautiful pictures! My favorites are the one of Winston with the shark (classic), family at the table (like a happy dream), and the family photo op on the stairs. Molly with her head hanging down was fabulous.

Jax said...

I'm glad someone got around to posting pictures! Our vacation hasn't ended yet, so I've been procrastinating writing my next blog post until I get back.

Jax said...

and not to nitpick, but we've been married 3 years! Time flies, I guess ... :)

Anonymous said...

I am so impressed with all the pictures!!!!!!

Kelley said...

Looks like so much fun!

SIL #1 said...

Can you believe the three year mark is almost here for Jax and me?! I agree there should be a post of the staycation meals. The pile of Chicken Marsala was impressive!