Wednesday, July 1, 2009

too tired to title

I "wasted" my blog time tonight by holding Elijah for several hours while his parents were out. I definitely made the right choice :) You'll have to add your own witty text to the pictures below since I don't have time.

If you'd like to get some details on the Staycation goings-on, check out my daughter's blog (who has text, but no pictures and is sending people over here. We're all about passing the buck in our family!)

In Winston's behalf I do have to add a couple of words here - He came to the beach with us even though he has a herniated disc in his back and can only sit and watch us play. In this picture his boredom is starting to show. But I think he would like me to point out that the sippy cup is not his.

Alright-y, I guess blogger is also otherwise engaged since it is refusing to upload any more of my wonderful pictures. I'm eager to show them to you, but it is now 12:22 a.m. and my drowsiness is overwhelming my eagerness.

good night.


jessica said...

how is winston's back, i love my back doctor if you need one...

brunch soon at my house

Lauren said...

winston is so handsome!