Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I am not an author on this blog

That's what the ##/@*# blogger.com has been telling me for OVER two weeks now. It wouldn't let me post to my own doggone blog. Day after day I come here full of amazing things to share - but NOOOOOOO... Mr. Big Shot Blogger.Com is pretending like I'm a complete stranger.

I'm tired of hearing, "You are not an author on this blog. Would you like to start a blog? Click here."


I'm obviously hurt, to say the least. (Actually, hurt is not the right word.)

I have no idea why "it" refuses to recognize me now. I mean...I did highlight my hair,- and perhaps I overdid it a bit - but it's not really that noticeable. And certainly if Mr. Blogger Dot Com is so daggum sensitive to change you'd think the 15lbs I'd gained in the last year would have set him off before now.

It's a fluke that he let me on tonight. I'm not sure how I got back in his good graces. .....Or how long I'll stay there.

Maybe Mr. Too Big For His HTML, got tired of all the "inquiries"/aka hate mail he's been getting from me - Or perhaps he saw the light and realized my tens of readers would not stand for this ignominy any longer. A boycott from them could affect the Blogger Ass(ets).

So I guess I should treat this post like every word could be my last, since I really don't know when Mr. Fickle-Blogger will let me back on. I guess I should fill this space with profundities the likes of which you've never heard (from me, anyway.)

But, I'm exhausted from 16 days of frustration and depression over being stripped of the authorship of a blog I birthed (without drugs, I might add) over a year ago.

And the sad part is - Mr. B.D.C. knows that even though he's trying to pretend like there was never anything between us, I'm committed to staying. (Because I'm too stupid to find a more suitable companion - like typepad or wordpress, who I understand are much more stable partners.)

So, good night - Or perhaps good bye. Ask the Big Cheese Blogger Boss.

And I had so much to tell you (sigh....)

Debbie, Not the author of this blog

P.S. If you're tired of coming here and finding two-week old posts (and apparently many of you are, since my numbers are down by about 75%, which means only my husband and two out of eleven children are still checking in...) you can always sign up to get notified when a new post is added. Either click on 'rss feed' at the top of the blog - or click on 'subscribe' at the bottom of the page.

Of course, there's always the chance you'll get a message that says You are no longer a reader of this blog. :)


lea said...

how horrible to be "dissed" by your own blog!

i will certainly acknowledge you a lot more today at LUNCH!!!!!!

lea said...

of course if you notice the time of my comments, you will see that EARRRRRRLY this morning my bed said, "you are not a sleeper in this bed". and so i got up wayyyyyyy to early which made not bode well for my awakeness level during lunch...

Sarah said...

Oh, Leah and I are part of that 25% that still checks the blog. We're just waiting to be told "you are not a reader of this blog!" We've been checking it every afternoon to see if you've been allowed to return to your author status yet.

peta said...

I just found your blog today. It's great and I will be back to read more...if of coarse blogger decides that you are the author of this blog..

Debbie @ Cheaper by the Bakers Dozen said...

To add insult to injury, when I clicked on your blog it told me
"it looks like you are not a reader of this blog"!

Have you now rejected me, also?!

Is there something my true friends should be telling me? Is it the hair, the fat, or my uber-transparency. (Or in Sarah's case....whose mother I have on a high pedestal and who is a very proper lady.....Is it because I said the Ass(ets)? Has she forbid you to be read by a profaner?

I'll clean up my act, soon. I promise!!

Debbie, not an author or a reader according to blogger

Sarah said...

Mrs. Pittman,

No, I have not rejected you! And I very much enjoy reading your writing. Some people just have the whole writing thing and some people...don't. Like people that say, "writing thing." I have re-invited you to Talk Time and you'll have to let me know if you are able to read it now. I don't know what Mr. B.D.C.'s problem is.

Have a great day!


brite said...

Glad you are temporarily back! You are still the funniest Mom (blog author or not) I've ever had.

sally said...

I have checked daily for the past two weeks, finally deciding that you are so busy with your amazing life that you haven't had time to tell us all about it!! Glad you are still there, even if you can't let us know about it. Checking your blog is one of the highlights of my otherwish hum-drum life, so PLEASE, don't give up the fight!

Anonymous said...

Pretty soon, Mrs. Pittman, you will be told that you are no longer an authorized user of your email account, dishwasher, floor lamp, telephone, and CD player (if you still use such a woefully outdated device.) This is technology's way of reminding us that we live in a fallen world.

Keep trying, PLEASE, because yours is the only bog I read and if you shut down I'll be back in the stone age.

Leah Blair

Tammy said...

I just thought you lost interest in doing it. Glad you are back.

Kelley said...

haha...how awful. Well, thanks for entertaining us with this post!

Mar said...

I've missed your witty words of wisdom. Hope you and Mr. B.D.C work out your differences.

Davene said...

I'm still here as an appreciative reader! I have you on my Google Reader; and whenever I see a new post from you, I click over and read it.

I'm glad you made it into your blog after all, and I hope your success repeats soon.

Have a wonderful Easter! (It's a good thing Mr. B D C isn't in charge of our access to the Almighty God, isn't it?) :)

Tracy said...

welcome back....looking forward to your non-ranting return :)

Mama Weso said...

Yea! I've been checking and checking for an update and figured you got too busy for those of us who faithfully wait with baited breath (where did that saying come from?) for your next blog! Perhaps Mr. B.D.C. went back to past posts and read about that "other important someone" in your life and got jealous.

Laura said...

As you can see by your comments, you have been missed. Grandmama even commented that it seems like everyone in blogworld is too busy to post regularly. Hope this snaffoo is cleared up now.

Kahlua Keeping Koala said...

Such soulful expression! TYVM!