Friday, December 5, 2008

This one's for you, Eva

What? You mean you don't know who Eva is?

Eva is my Blog Stalker Extraordinaire, faithful reader, occasional commenter, and the go-to person for what's happening in our family. Just how in the Sam Hill she finds out what's happening before the rest of us, the ones actually in the family, is her little secret -but yesterday she left a comment pleading with me to post again.

I'm SO into people begging me to blog, so even though I had a killer day, Hot Mama Book Club tonight, a brunch for Kelley at my house in the a.m., and being high on Nyquil as I type, I'm going to post.

It's all about you, friends. This is the friendly blog. The place where you're listened to - and occasionally even heard.
This is my all-time favorite grandchild picture, taken last weekend in Chattanooga during our Thanksgiving holiday. I think he may have been a little surprised to hear how many aunts and uncles he has.

These next two are of my grandson's favorite two women. And yes, he did indeed tell me himself. A grandmother and her grandchild have a way of communicating that is not hindered by lack of speech.

P.S. I hope ya'll enjoy having my girls jump in here and post along with me. Maybe between the three of us we can get some action going on this blog again!


busymomof10 said...

LOVE the pictures! I've been missing your posts! It seems you're going to have to make some blogging Resolutions/Goals for the New Year!!! :)

Jax said...

Um, I think you left out one of his favorite women...!

Eva said...

Thanks for the early Christmas present! This post is such a treat. In the spirit of the season, I'll be sending some parade pictures (taken on my new-ish, nice-ish camera) your way soon!

megntally said...

Love the "HOW MANY?!!!" picture! Princess, you were having a good hair day, too!

Pat said...

I love your guests postings! Meg posted some great pix of the blogger party at your house where you were def. hungover (?) on Nyquil. Hope you are feeling better. Thanks for opening your home and being such a great hostess!

Laura said...

What fun! Maybe I should encourage Grandmama to guest post on my blog! Y'all would probably like her better anyway.

Your grandson is so sweet. He reminds me of my Stealth-man. Even though he is super-blond now, he looked like a brown-haired hippie fresh out of the womb.