Friday, December 5, 2008

december through my eyes

Since all 5 of you have been wondering where my mother is (she has a very full life apart from this blog, fyi) I thought I would post a few things and take part in a blog challenge where I post a picture a day from my quiet little life. I am now part of that crazy group of people who have 3 children three and under, so most of my social interaction comes through this laptop anyway. And since I will be posting daily until I leave for my Christmas trip to Virginia, there may be :::::::::gasp::::::::: multiple posts on this blog this month. I've asked Jacqueline to post as well...she is an amazing cook and has all sorts of interesting recipes to share. She also has a very full life and needs to be resting as much as possible before baby Eli arrives so we'll just have to see what she has time for. (Bad grammar alert, for whichever reader keeps track of such mistakes.)

Hope you enjoy life through my eyes.



Jax said...

Oh good! I was just thinking that between the three of us, surely we could AWAKEN Mom's blog... :)

Kahlua Keeping Koala said...


I gave up on grammar checking blogs, however, I myself try to maintain a modicum of decency on my blog. Misplaced prepositions don't count.