Sunday, December 14, 2008

Remember Me?

I'm just checking back in to my blog to remind my girls that I can still type - and to make sure they're not letting their double digit comments go to their Bloggy Daughter heads.

They've done a superb job, haven't they?! Now you know where I get my wit and talent. Or is it the other way around?

Anyhow, I did get several (if several is more than one, but less than three) personal emails from non-related readers telling me they missed the "mature content" of the blog now that it's been taken over by younger, energetic, gorgeous, creative women. I'm trying to focus on the "missing me" part and not get caught up in all those adjectives that I wish still fit me.

But unfortunately, I won't be around to blog much this week either because I'll be hitting the books.

It's the first time in 30 years of parenting that I've experienced Exam Week. With seven children in a classical school - I'm doing my fair share of, I mean studying. I'm learning so much. My vocabulary is growing (and you all know it was pretty darn good before); I now recognize the difference between Latin and Greek letters, and I'm doubly sure of my previous decision not to go into a scientific field.

(One little braggy sidenote - Daniel and Molly (both in second grade) sang O Come All Ye Faithful in Latin at the Christmas program last week. And they say classical education isn't worth the money! ut est ridiculum, ya'll.)

And when we haven't been reading A Tale of Two Cities or parsing sentences, we've been doing our fair share of celebrating.

Three functions in a row this week - The parent-teacher Christmas party; our church progressive dinner (with our house being the first stop); and a mother-daughter outing to a sushi place followed by the ballet. It doesn't get much calmer this week with the Christmas band concert, soccer practices beginning, church caroling, and a baby shower to attend.

Tomorrow I'm teaching my weekly catechism lesson (an absolute joy!) at the lower school chapel, followed by some individual speech coaching for the 5-6th grades. The contest is Friday so we only have this week to get them polished and confident.

What qualifies me to do speech coaching you ask? Only the fact that I was the Ohio state debate champion of 1972-ish (may have been 73). And I'm the daughter of a trophy-laden Toastmaster genius. .....AND the mother of the 4th grade Gadsden County speech winner of 2005. AND my oldest son is a political speech writer who has been just inches from the President. It's in our blood, dear readers! We were born to express ourselves (for a prize).

One of my younger sons is in the contest this year - but I'm trying hard not to be partial to him and his amazing, stunning, winning speech. Yet even with all my credentials, they did not ask me to judge this year. I guess they don't think I could be fair and open-minded with my own dear son trying to carry on the family winning streak.

ut est ridiculum, too! (English translation: Phooey!)

I'm going to end with this picture of my Sweet Adeline wearing the pink boots that her GrandMama bought her -instead of the perfect white cardigan that she put back when she saw these boots - because they say a good blog post should include a picture (and not because I'm at all insecure about my daughters popularity on MY BLOG.)


Brite said...

I don't think there was ever a question about who is the Queen Mother, or who is the wittiest blogger in the land! :) Welcome back...I'm probably going out of town tomorrow so my blogging days will be over until the New Year.

Laura said...

Glad to see you posting again, although, I have thoroughly enjoyed your daughters' posts.

Make sure to take a breath and enjoy some of these events that are keeping you away from blog world.

Meg in Tally said...

Ahh...finally, a post in Latin! Makes me feel all warm and cozy.

Yes, you MUST include pictures of those adorable's in the Bloggy rules.

Jax said...

Welcome back, Mom! I was actually just wondering when you were going to make an appearance + appease your fan base. Nothing can substitute for the REAL thing...not even your own offspring. :)

lea said...

do those boots come in my size?

Kelley said...

Welcome back! All of you are amazing blog-posters :-)

Kara said...

Love the picure! Yes, must include pictures in blog. It is an unwritten rule!

Kahlua Keeping Koala said...

Sushi. I think you've learned more than you are letting on!