Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Family Photo Faux Paus(es)

A couple of days ago my daughter posted her family photo fiasco - but the "subject" who kept ruining her photos was too young to even sit up straight.
That's totally understandable - and even endearing - when you're 4 weeks old and as cute as my Grandson.

But mine are without excuse as you can see in this first photo where my 16 yo "baby" decided to spontaneously give the A-OK sign to the photographer (who was actually No One since the camera was sitting on top of a picnic table set to "auto shoot").

And the worst part is that Everyone Else (meaning me...) looked great. How often does that happen when there are 17 people in the photo?

After a couple of other goofy pictures we decided to go for the serious look.

We look like we should be in the "before" pictures of an anti-depressant commercial.

On the upside, we might be able to make some quick cash by selling our photo to the site I got this from.

For real, here's a site with 962 pictures I found by searching Sad Family. And they get royalties.

Faux Paus Richness. I see opportunities for us with this. I really do.

I wonder how much we could get for the picture where one child is picking his nose?

Here's one you might find under "Hip Grandmothers".

Make that "Hip Grandmother with multiple neck rolls". I bet I could get big royalties on this from the people looking to make plastic surgery brochures.

Here's another mess-up (not sure why these are so small....click on them to enlarge slightly.) In this picture, 3yo Cooper is upset about something. Which is OK, since I didn't really care for the totem-pole look anyway.

I'm saving the Perfect Family Photo picture to show you later in the week, but I do have this one other gem. Another picture of Adeline with the fuzzy pink boots her favorite GrandMama bought her.


Jax said...

If you would have used the photos *I* sent you (after you sent me three emails asking for them), you would have had closer-up shots of those family photos.

Seriously though, you might want to consider replacing those two in this post with the versions I sent you -- it's hard to see the perpetrators in question when they're that far away.

Lori said...

I love pictures of the backs of children looking out windows (also, the back of a neck) . They are so sweet.

Debbie said...

Jax- Last time I checked you had Blogging Rights over here on the Baker's Dozen site. So, feel free to exchange those photos for your mega ones. (Please!)

And Lori- I should've mentioned that Yours Truly took that magnificent picture of Adeline looking out the door. I can't believe I forgot to brag! That's not like me.

Laura said...

Aren't photo shoots the craziest things? Have you seen ours on my blog?

lea said...

it just isn't the same without me taking the pittman portrait, is it? just admit it...

Kara said...

Lovely photos! I can't imagine trying to get that many people to all look at the camera and smile at the same time. It's hard enough with just my family of 6.

allhisblessings said...

And I can hardly get my family of four to look forward and smile. We ended up just putting a picture of the 2 girls on our christmas card this year because I couldn't find one that I (most importantly) looked good in, where the children were facing the camera too, and smiling!!

Kelley said...

I just love big families! You are so blessed!

Kahlua Keeping Koala said...

Oh, yeah. I'm not supposed to read without commenting. Thanks. I feel better.

Davene said...

Is everything OK with the CBTBD's family? It's been a while since you've posted anything; and with all these talented writers, surely someone can come up with something, right? ;)

I hope all is well! Happy new year!