Friday, May 2, 2008

Two Down, Twenty-Nine to Go

Number of days left to blog this month- 29

Number of hours my husband has been home this week (including sleeping hours)- 21

Number of children I wish were asleep right now- 7

Number of children I have at home - 7

Number of meals we've eaten out this week- lost count

Number of hours I've had this #@//!! migraine - 21

Number of aspirin I've taken today to try to cure my migraine- Let's just say...More than advisable

Number of eyes I can see out of right now- 1 (the other one is being pressed shut by a huge boulder sitting right above it, inside my head)

Number of minutes until I take Something Very Strong and go to bed- 0

P.S. to Mary from Dear Annie-
I'm sorry I didn't get your Hard Question answered today. I may be a little jaded by the condition of my head, but the way I figure it....Since your dd has had a bad attitude for this long, it won't kill you to put up with it for one more day. (And speaking of killing, in my state of mind, today's solution would've been against the law anyway.)

Here's to a better tomorrow.....
Delirious Debbie


Davene said...

I'm so sorry you're in such pain. Do you know my husband has never had a headache? I, on the other hand, have had far too many, and you have my complete sympathy. I hope you rest well and wake up feeling much, much better.

kanani said...

I'm so proud of you. I did notice however, being the math whiz that I am, your headache has lasted for the same number of hours that your dh has been home this week!...

lea said...

do i need to call and talk to you since my chattiness eased your headache a bit...

lea said...

WHAT you don't have a blog entry for saturday yet? what could you be doing? who could be dropping by your home and preventing you from writing?