Thursday, May 1, 2008

Every Day in May (with a bonus Q&A from Ask Annie!)

I have been challenged to post to my blog Every Day in May. And since the challenger went to the trouble to ask me in a rhymy-way...I think I'll just take him/her up on it.

Only problem is.... I forgot today was May 1st, being as how April had the audacity to go by faster than usual this year. But, as providence would have it - And we all know God is Sovereign even over the Blog Kingdom, I got an email at 11:01 p.m. submitting a question for Ask Annie (with the inferrence that I had reneged on my commitment to blog Every Day in May.) But, as I gently reminded her....last time I checked, May 1st does not end until the stroke of midnight (at which time my laptop turns into a pumpkin), so I still have time to make good on my rashly-made obligation.

Trouble is - She asked me a hard question. Hard Questions should be answered when you're awake, at your desk, when you're fullly dressed and have had a nourishing breakfast. Hard Questions should NOT even be attempted late at night, when you are sitting on your comfy couch ... in your (cute, new, Target) pjs, hours from your last meal, sipping your hot tea. Especially if you happen to be craving a chocolate milk shake or at least 2-3 of those expensive Pepperidge Farm Milano cookies -(and hoping to skim through a Cottage Living magazine, NOT answer Hard Questions.)

So, I'm going to do the responsible thing and wait until tomorrow to answer - but here's the Hard Question just to whet your appetite (I'm so sly ... and unashamedly Blog Seeker Sensitive, aren't I?!)

BTW- If anyone has an easier question to ask, feel free to leave them in the comment section. I only have 30 more days to fill up with my wisdom and sapience :)

Dear Annie,

What do you do when you have a sweet, loving dd who since totally irresponsible, disrespectful semi-dd moved out has seemed to morph into the selfish ways of the semi-dd?

Behavior seems worse after spending time away from home in wonderful activities, with equally wonderful, and responsible teens whom I'm SURE aren't disrespectful, selfish and lazy when THEY return home. First-time obedience seems to be a faint memory.

When discussions ensue regarding the degrading attitude of said dd, communication becomes "I don't know." It comes down to not being able to see the plank in her own eye.

What can these loving parents do to re-connect the dots of responsibility, servant heart, and obedient dd?>>>

Off to think this one over (over a milkshake, that is......) -


Mary said...

Just to clarify semi-dd (even though Annie knows of whom I speak) since some of you readers will think me looney to have a partial child! Semi-dd means we took in a 14yo girl who was cast out by her adopted mother. She lived with us for nearly 4 years, during which time we tried desperately to help her. At 18, she has since moved on (for the most part) and wants little to nothing to do with us unless she needs help. We love her. Thus, since she doesn't want to consider us in the "parent" category, we classify her as semi-dd. (All of which has very little to do with the question--or (on 2nd thought) maybe a LOT to do with the question!)

Jodi said...

How about these things:
* your favorite place to vacation
* summer boredom busters for kids
* something to do with books-how do you decide what to keep/get rid of, or how to build a heritage library on a budget, or how you make book lists for the kids for the could do 30 days of posts on books
* share some special ways you've celebrated some milestone events--special birthdays, anniversaries, Mother's/Father's/Grandparents/Cinco de Mayo (which is Monday!), etc.
* do a tutorial on anything--how to make a seasonal display, pick fabric to make ___ (insert favorite thing here--curtains, furniture reupholstered), a favorite recipe
* your favorite childhood memory
* share your favorite Scripture and why
* share your favorite character from the Bible

okay, these really should be enough to get you going. Do Wordless Wednesday, Menu Monday,.... you get the idea....and remember, there is no "you must write 500 words" limit. you can be short and sweet and get it over with. and include pictures.

and go to bed earlier.

lea said...

who would be SO brilliant to challenge you in a rhyming manner? WHO could DO such a thing TO YOU? (notice the rhyme in that question) welcome to may and can't wait to quote you in my blog (incorrectly of course...)