Monday, May 12, 2008


I (with the help of several children) figured out how to get my Mother's Day pictures from our main computer to my laptop, but I'm disappointed with the quality. I really must start saving - or nagging...whichever works first - for a new camera. My friend, Jodi, just got a great camera that does incredible close-ups. And my other friend, Lea (YES,I have two friends...)takes amazingly detailed photos with her ultra-deluxe, super-duper, snazzy camera. 'Course she says everything looks better on a Mac, but I don't have THAT kind of Nagging Power. And I am perfectly satisfied with my Dell laptop. Anyway- I don't feel right being discontent with more than one material possession at a time.

This first picture is our dining room table, set for a party of 12 by my dear husband and younger daughters. They know I like things to be all matchy-matchy, so they were attentive to all the little details ....all the way down to the (Christmas) napkins they used :)

I ask for the same meal every birthday and Mother's Day - Shrimp salad. It was so yummy - even if I did have to apologize to our 25yo male guest for the "girly" Sunday meal. To top it off, my husband added his famous homemade whole wheat bread - simply scrumptillyicious....There's just no word to describe it (that's why I had to make one up.)

We have a tradition of placing any gifts for the occasion (whether Mother's Day, birthdays, graduations...) on a table in the foyer. We try to put them out a few days ahead of time just to "tease" the recipient as they walk by them daily. I was pretty sure I knew what was in the small book-shaped package, and I guessed that the item in the potting soil was tulips, but the larger box had me stumped. It turned out to be an under the counter CD player for the kitchen-- The same one I had bought a few weeks before and returned because I thought it was an extravagant purchase.

(For my birthday,next month, I think I will buy a new camera a few weeks beforehand...A very nice digital camera...Nicer than Jodi's or Lea's....and then I'll take it back, claiming that "I just couldn't keep something so extravagant." Check back with me on 6/30 and I'll let you know if it works.)

Reading cards with Molly. She likes to be near me....especially when she suspects the camera might be pointed my way.

Yep, the girl is not camera-shy.

Daniel poses with me. He is one cute boy!

Hunter asked if he could bring dessert with him. I wrongly assumed that he would actually have it made before he came. Apparently, he doesn't own any kind of small appliances with which to make a cake at his "home". But I think that's wonderful...because it gives him more reasons to come over to his Real Home. He made a tasty carrot cake with a flavorful creamy icing. However, in typical Baker's Dozen fashion - we had to have a second dessert (normally, one doesn't feed us anyway), made of rich, scrumptious chocolate. I had a piece of both...Because I'm not one to hurt people's feelings. I'd rather be a martyr than do that. A fat martyr.

And that's not all Hunter did for me. He also gave me this very sweet home-made note. And when I say home-made...I'm talking...He MADE THE PAPER. Now if home-made paper doesn't say "I love you, MOM", I don't know what does. (Actually, a new camera would also say it - but this was a close second.)

My family knows how to top off a nice Mother's Day. Leaving a clean kitchen :)

Thanks, honey - and Molly, Daniel, Andrew, Alex, Justin, Winston, Mary-Faith, Shepherd, and Hunter. And I appreciated the sweet calls from my Missing Girls, Jacqueline and Brite. I even got to talk to my amazing, incredible, adorable, genius Grandchildren, Adeline and Cooper.

I am one blessed Mama. Thank you, Lord!


lea said...

nothing says "i am a good mom" like eating two desserts! i think i will say "i am a good blogger" by eating two desserts when we go out to lunch together...

Meg in Tally said...

Loved your post today! It makes up for the one yesterday.... Of course Molly must be in pictures...she's sooo cute!

We'll pray for your digital discontent!

brite said...

I loved the Christmas napkins...haha. Hunter looks like he needs to eat more carrot cake, or just more food in general! No one has ever said that about me...

Dan Burns said...

Haha! Cute blog. Every day in May, right? (cause it rhymes)

Just FYI, Hunter does have appliances... in fact, many at his current 'boarding house'... Look at it like this: He just wanted to spend more time with his Mother, celebrating her motherhood!



Anonymous said...

I am so glad you had a wonderful day....and I am commenting just to say your blog inspired me to buy a hula hoe and it works great! So much easier than renting a big ol tiller and figuring out how to use it with a toddler shadowing my every move! ; ) Now I just need Daniel to come over and fine tune my technique!

Now I've been inspired to make chair covers for some of my dining room table chairs - I've been trying to figure out how to work in more fabric in that area of the house. : )

See how you are changing my life for the better by blogging everyday??? ; )

Anonymous said...

How Beautiful! Looks like you had fun day!! You have a wonderful family.
My son brought me flowers on Mother's Day. If I could post pictures in the comments on your blog, I wouldn't need a blog of my own!!

hunter said...

wow i HAVE lost some weight.thanks for posting that picture of your eating disorder inflicted son.

you're now linked on my blog. prepare for tons of visit's and comments from both people who read my blog that aren't you.