Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day (sans pictures)

The reason I had to add 'sans pictures' is because.....there are no pictures. I annoyed everyone today at our Mother's Day lunch while I snapped picture after picture of plates of food, and flowers, and cards. However, I can not get them off the main computer and onto my laptop. And my son said he emailed them to me, but they never showed up - and now he's in bed (where every sensible person should be at this hour - except those who are worried about a Stupid Commitment they made to No One in Particular, to blog Every Day in May.)

"So why", you may be musing, "doesn't she just wait until tomorrow and post when she DOES have the pictures, which would make this dull post worth viewing." And the answer should be obvious. Because I'm an idiot who cares too much about the aforementioned Dumb Commitment.

And because my friend, Lea, who also made the Ridiculous Commitment to No One in Particular, blogged today even though she was without electricity. And that's a hard act to follow even WITH pictures.

Every Day in May - No Matter the Cost or the Humiliation (and no matter the non-existent content...)

Debbie (who hopes to have proof tomorrow of her wonderful Mother's Day)


Meg in Tally said...

Well, Princess...that's the best excuse I've heard today!

lea said...

i know that you are really blogging so that you don't have to pay for my $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ frenchie lunch.

actually catherine said that at the end of may she would take us both out to lunch and she would pay for the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ frenchie food!

whoo hoo! free frenchie food!

and you have to wear a swim cap in the water portion of the race, so i am sure it will look fresh and pretty through the biking and running portions of the triathlon. i will sign you and mary faith up immediately....

see you at the finish line.

shepherd said...

I am sure the failure to mention the card I got you from the Mahogany section is an oversight, soul-lifting sister.