Thursday, May 15, 2008

Happy Birthday to the HOH!

That's Blog Lingo - which I'm all about now that I'm a Daily Blogger - for
Head of Household. Or Hot Old Hunk...but only I can call him that, girls.

I have all these great pictures lined up to show ya'll, but blogger is apparently "experiencing technical difficulties" tonight (Cuz it definitely could not be anything I'm doing..what with 15 straight days of blogging under my belt.)

I can't get most of my pictures to show up, so I'll have to do a 1/2 blog today and the rest tomorrow. (But it still totally counts, Lea - so I hope you're saving big time for that huge lunch you're going to be buying me at Al's french place with the non-sweet, sweet tea.)

Which one on this pyramid do you think is my HOH?


If you guessed "None of the above", you are right. I told you blogger was having problems. I don't even know these guys!

JK - (my current fave blogger abbreviation...), the tan guys are three of my boys and the one on the bottom is my incredibly strong and very pulchritudinous son-in-law, Nathan. (BTW- I'm quite sure you won't get vocabulary like that on Lea's blog... even if she did major in Shakespeare - -while I was employed as a bank teller giving out doggie biscuits at the drive-thru window.)

This picture actually has nothing to do with my husband's birthday, but I ran across it while looking for hubby pics and I just knew you'd want to see it! (Plus my boys make Nathan look very pale...And it's good for him to be occasionally humbled.)

These next two pictures are of Chef Bo, the first with his apprentices, the second without (his preferred mode.) The man is an amazing cook - and he loves it. And I don't. We are a match made in Heaven, if not for that reason alone. I got pregnant 7 weeks into our marriage and started throwing up 5 seconds after conception. Since I couldn't reach the stove from the couch, Bo started cooking. I was pretty much pregnant for the first four years of our marriage, so the arrangement continued. The first meal I made for him was "tuna bundles". I'm almost positive the memory of those bundles are part of the reason he has continued to help out so much in the kitchen. I've learned to enjoy cooking a little more over the years, but for 27 years now, Bo has cooked every meal on the weekend, from Saturday morning's breakfast through Sunday night's before-bed snack. Take note, husbands. (I just know I have a slew of husbands reading this thing.)



The last picture that blogger will let me show you tonight is this one. I picked it to show you how athletic he/we are. This was taken on our 25th anniversary trip to Amelia Island. I have another really cute picture of that weekend to post of him having his quiet time on the balcony of our beachside his bathrobe. Hey! Do you think the reason it won't post is because blogger blocks pics of Hunks in Bathrobes? I'll have to look into that.

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(Not sure why the jock picture text is up by the potato-peeling picture...but twice during this posting blogger has threatened to shut down on me. Blogger has a BA! I'm giving up and going to bed. I'll try again tomorrow with the rest of the reasons why I'm glad my husband was born.)


lea said...

if you mention that little factoid about your husband cooking all the weekend meals again, i will get the frenchie cook to spit in all your frenchie meals and i will make sure that whatever frenchie dessert you desire is NOT AVAILABLE...

being in wild adventures all day yesterday made me bitter....

Tammy said...

HB to your HOH. My HOH's is coming up next week. We have so much in common except you are perfect and I am reading about your perfection. Have a great weekend! I love reading you first thing in the morning at my alloted computer time!

DanceMommy said...

I love the photo of your boys! That is fabulous and worth a spot in your photo gallery.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to the HOH! Is he younger than you? JK!!!

Anonymous said...

I just LOVE these times that Blogger adds to our posts! It makes it look like I'm an early riser. I think I'll have to show my dh how early I'm getting my "computer stuff" out of the way!

Oops! Was that comment all about ME?

PS..I love this Anonymous thingy too!

brite said...

Great picture of the boys! All of them (even Dan, although not showing off his strength) are so muscular! We were just talking last night of how fun it will be to come some time (maybe Labor Day?) this summer and let the kids enjoy the pool (and the kids).

jax said...

Wow, I leave for a week and look how many posts I have to come back to! I like this thing where you have to write every day. It makes for a more interesting blog-checking time.
I know what pulchritudinous means, + I agree!

Kaluha Keeping Koala said...

I knew there was something I liked about you! I made a palatable meal last month. DH declared his job done.