Friday, May 9, 2008

Did you notice the new books on my sidebar?

I'll be talking about those books over the next week or so.

I love talking about books. Sometimes I'd rather talk about them than read them. But even more than talking about them or reading them, I like to buy them.

It's a sickness, really.

But it's not fatal.

Although it is contagious.

If you think this is a lame blog post, then you might want to read my friend Lea's from yesterday, where she talks about her sore derrierre. She actually has quotes from her butt.

We have a bet going to see who fails first at blogging Every Day in May. The loser has to take the winner to Albert's Provence (?) for lunch and his famous sweet tea.

It's just an educated guess but I'd say she's getting desperate. I hope I'm above blogging about talking body parts. But I can't make any promises since it's only May 9th.

My clock says it will be May 10th in 2 if I blog at midnight, does this count for both days?


lea said...

i had to resort to quotes from other people today on my bolg entry... which is a lot like blogging about books (and a bit more refined than blogging about my buttocks) BUT (no pun intended) it is still a blog entry AND i am already thinking about the yummy lunch at provance and i am going to order DESSERT, so open that wallet wide sister!!!

Kaluha Keeping Koala said...

No. I didn't notice the books. Sorry. Just kidding! I'm holding off buying my next SL core for another week as two items are on back order. No reason to spend the money before I can begin reading!

Meg in Tally said...

I see a couple of books listed on your bedside table that you've been talking about for years...hmmmmm...
I've got several of those on MY bedside table, but the dust is so thick I can't read the titles. I'm sure there are a couple "be a better wife" ones that I probably ought to dust off. Of course, if you 'talk' about them and we 'read' that, does that count as us 'reading' them?

Davene said...

What if you both succeed at blogging every day in May? Who pays then? :)