Monday, May 19, 2008

Debbie vs. Blogger - Round One

Right at the outset, may I just say that I hate Blogger, or perhaps it's just computer operations in general that I bête noire.

OK, thanks. I feel better now that I've gotten that out in the open.

Here are some pictures (totally out of order, since A Certain Blog Program won't let me rearrange them....even after I patiently waited (more like..wasted) 20 minutes waiting for "it" to download said pictures - just to get an error message because I had not checked the little "agreement box" (which I checked...but I did not read, just to show "it" who is really in charge here.) But I guess "it" got the last laugh because after I "agreed to nothing in particular", the pictures disappeared. Twenty minutes I still sit typing while hoping that Blogger will forgive me and give me back my #*x!##! pictures.

But, as you can clearly see - thanks to this picture being taken by Jodi and not me and my rinky-dink camera - This is a photo worth waiting for! This is my youngest, Daniel, enjoying his older siblings pool party last weekend. He is adorable and has a smile that I foresee melting the hearts of gazillions of girls (preferably short girls, since he seems to be "on hold" in the height department.)

These next three are in reverse order. So scroll down and look at the last one first, then the middle one, then this first one. Hope that's not too confusing. If it is - Blame Blogger! (I think I will get a bumper sticker made up with that little aliteration. Or should it say - Honk If Blogger Is Out To Ruin Your Life ?)

I like these, even if they're slightly blurry - because I love to see my children laugh (bottom and middle pics), and because I love to see them hug each other (top pic). This was a forced hug, in case you can't tell - but it still gives me warm fuzzies, and will most likely be shown at their joint graduation in a few years along with some other embarrassing photos.

This last picture (which was actually the first....) shows off Winston's handsomeness. This is just a smirk....But you should see the boy's full-out smile! I'll try to capture one of those for a future post.

thanks for all the comments yesterday. I went into double digits (not that I'm really noticing....), partly because several of you commented twice (keep it up :) and because I commented myself. Gotta do whatever it takes some days.

My oldest daughter, Brite - the one who thinks my posts are too long - said the double digit comments are proof that my "readership" likes short posts.

She also told me that in her unofficial blog research she has found that the subject of peanut butter garners the most comments. (If I didn't think Big Bad Blogger would thwart me, I'd try to link you to some peanut butter posts, but unfortunately I don't have Another HOUR to wait for it to feel like doing it's job.)

If I blog about peanut butter, the post would indeed be incredibly short, so maybe that's her ulterior motive.

The second place idea for a heap o' comments was to ask a question. And it just so happens that I do have a burning question to ask you!

Tomorrow :)

I have to spread these posts out! May is not over yet and Lea and I are still tied. Heaven forbid that the contest would spread into June.

Every Day in May - - -would become ....Doomed to Post in June (not exactly a rhyme, but it does roll off your tongue in a catchy kind of way, don't you think?)
P.S. bête noire -
a person or thing especially disliked or dreaded; bane; bugbear.


lea said...

really, peanut butter?!?!??!?!? i think i will blog about that today....

Meghan said...

ok ok... so now you have a blog stalker! lea shouldnt be the only one that has strangers reading her blog!

your request has been granted on lea's monday entry....

Tammy said...

I am dreadfully curious about what the question is. I really hate to be cliff hung like that. It is enough to make one stop reading another's blog. You can make it up to me by sending a PM with the question so I can be preparing my answer.

Davene said...

I agree with Tammy. You're really leaving us hanging here!!! :)

And your boys are truly handsome!

hunter said...

i have my new computer and lots of pictures from the party and the dance recital... working on those right now.

i would suggest you use a template for your blog that lets your text go wider, which would make the posts seem shorter. and use less paragraphs.

not like this.

or this.

which is what you always seem to do.

i'm going
to go


on the



Mfp said...

I asked you not to put those pictures up! Also.... I forgot what i was going to post! lol

Mary-Faith said...

I remember now! I was going to suggest that you remove "Twice Freed" and "Baby Island" from your " Books I am currently reading to my children" since we finished them!