Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Because I Care About Your Opinion

I'm leaving in the morning to attend our annual state homeschooling convention, where I will have experts heap the guilt on about what I should be doing with my kids, and where I will be tempted by thousands and thousands of books, games, books, videos, books, and even homeschooling apparel (which will be the only thing I will have No Problemo resisting.)

Oh, and I mustn't forget those neat-o rolling carts they sell out of each year. In the old days we had to bring strollers to carry our books - or book bags that gave you shoulder pain and dictated how many books you could safely buy. But now there are collapsible, rolling carts in cool colors. They always sell out within the first hour or so. I bought one last time I went and I truly wonder how I lived without it all these years of homeschooling. It's a must if you want to be seen as a serious homeschooler.

So - I'll be gone Wednesday-Saturday. The hotel that is hosting the convention is a luxury hotel - which means the internet will probably cost an extra 10 bucks a day. If I don't blog while I'm gone, I will have failed at my quest to blog Every Day in May. Not to mention, I'll lose the contest against Lea (check out her drug post from yesterday....Very Funny) and I'll possibly miss the winner's lunch at Albert's (pronounced Albairs because he is le french.)

But winning and eating a french meal is not my primary concern. My primary concern is to keep my readers happy (thus keeping my numbers up....)

So, you decide.

Would you rather have me blog from the convention. Sort of an on-the-spot report of what I buy and who I hear (and what I eat, and how long I sleep, and what great meals I eat, and how cold the swimming pool water is....)

Or -

Would you rather have a few Guest Bloggers while I'm gone? I'm pretty sure I could get my older children (the ones who have deserted me and live in their own homes) to blog at least once each, which would cover me for the days I'm gone.

You really can't lose with choices like these!

Let me know ASAP. I'll check my email Wed night while I'm at my Dad's house, but then I'll be heading for BooksATrillion at Luxuryville, Fl.


lea said...

i would prefer that you not blog at all so that i won't LOSE to you, since i will be gone for the weekend (and not at a luxury hotel) and will have no hope of internet service and i have no older children with their own homes to guest blog for me....

Tammy said...

I am happy with guest bloggers. I am willing guest blog for Lea, as she has no older children. That way it is fair and square.

Meg in Tally said...

Princess, this seems like a blatant attempt to add to your comment collection. I refuse to be a part of such subterfuge (see I can use big words, too!).

Plus, I'm jealous that you still have a reason to GO to the convention...alas, my reason for going to conventions will start TCC this fall.

So, I'm NOT commenting on the choices you offer because I think you should blog every day.

jax said...

I definitely think you should continue blogging.

lea said...

i think tammy should blog for me FROM your website (since mine won't work on any other computer than my mac- that steve jobs needs to get right to work on that little issue of only being able to blog from ONE computer with iweb). i am sure the apple people are concerned with my losing the "blog every day in may" challenge to a p.c. gal...

Colette said...

Hmmm...my bet is that they will have free internet at the hotel...and maybe even provide a computer in the room. :D They did at the Gaylord Palms when the convention was there.
I vote that you have a lot of fun at the convention and blog if you have time. :)

Debbie said...

Collette is a girl after my own heart! ...and you can tell she was homeschooled by her wisdom that surpasses her young years.