Thursday, January 3, 2008

Faux Accountability

What in the Sam Hill was I thinking when I decided to start a blog during the holidays? I must've been on a sugar cookie high or something. But I'm not one to bow out. I even have a little post-it note pad that says, "I'd stop eating chocolate, but I'm no quitter." :)

I have plenty of excuses for the dearth of posts during the last few weeks. The most plausible are listed below -

#1 We went to Disney (pictures available as soon as my daughter sends back our memory card...hint, hint), and it took me several, several days to recover. I have never eaten so much in my life. Since we purchased the meal plan (x9) we had appetizers, entrees, and desserts .... At Every Meal, For Every Person ... All pre-paid. So of course we felt obligated to design our whole schedule around Eating. On the last day, my youngest actually cried when my husband stopped on our way to the pool at Fort Wilderness Lodge and picked up a menu. He was so afraid we were going to make him eat again.

Oh...and there were some rides and shows there, too.

#2 The night we got home, before we had even unloaded the dirty clothes (4 loads) and the souvenir (1), the Holiday Happenings had already started at our place. My married daughters and their families had already been here for several days enjoying "the calm before the storm", so to speak. We had an amazing week with all 17 of us here. My grandchildren were their usual adorable, genius selves. We made assignments for the cooking and everyone seemed to be trying to outdo the other. My son-in-law even fixed eggs benedict for 17, which would've been even more enjoyable if it hadn't been preceded by all those 8,000 calorie days at Disney World. Did I mention we ate alot while we were there?

#3 Our house is for sale. The market is terrible. But people keep wanting to see the house (not buy it, mind you...Just see it.) The preparations to get our house "show-ready" would be an interesting blog post. Someone make a note of that, OK? Cause I'm too busy trying to make my house look like no one lives here to waste my brain cells on Future Blog Topics. The first few "prospective buyers" that came through spent so much time counting toothbrushes on the bathroom counters (16), shoes in the mudroom (36), and bunkbeds (5 sets), they couldn't really concentrate on how wonderful this place will look when all those things are GONE. People are so distractable these days!

#4 My husband and I took advantage of some hotel bonus points (another advantage of having to get two suites every time you stay in a hotel with your large family) to go away for New Years Eve and do some goal planning. Don't you love the time alone in the car with your husband? It just seems easier to discuss things when he has nothing to look at but highway markers. I'm excited about some of the decisons we made concerning 2008. That would make a good blog post, too. I'm sure you're dying to know the Baker's Dozen Resolutions. As soon as I make some up I'll get back to you - because most of what we talked about was how to survive until our youngest two turn "of age". We did alot of reading our Bibles and praying. That's always a good way to start the new year since "Man plans His ways, but God directs his steps."

Any of you astute readers noticing that I haven't actually said anything remotely connected to my title? Too bad I'm not one of those fancy-dancy bloggers who give away prizes. If so, I'd give you one. Actually, I originally started out just to write a couple of lines to say that I would be posting in the next few days. I figured that would make me accountable (hence the title), and "Blog About Something" would be a higher priority on my ever-growing list of things to do this week.

It's been exciting to see that a couple of commenters aren't actually related to me. I appreciate that very much! Maybe my accountability isn't quite as "faux" as I thought :)

Until next time....(and only God knows when that will be...)



Persuaded said...

Oh, my this was a such a funny post!
Looking forward to more..when you get the time, that is;-)

Ginny said...

When I first started blogging, I barely did it. Took awhile to remember & go & blog, lol. Before you know it, you will be posting 2 or 3 times a day, LOL.

The Daily Grotto said...


Just dropped in to say hi. Good luck with your new blog. I really enjoy your writing! Stop by and see me sometime at my blog. Kathy

Jenni said...

Hey! Thanks for visiting me at Makeshift Mama! And welcome to the blogging world - it looks like you're off to a good start!

I hope you'll share lots of your motherly wisdom on this site - You must have lots of it, with 11 kids, and I could sure use some!

lea said...

adam and i just came home from charleston and i kept trying to talk to him in the car about really serious issues (OK, so that might be an exaggeration) and he said "isn't your ipod all charged and ready to listen to?". well, it could have been because he was listening to a football game on the radio, or it could me mickey mouses fault...

we are going to disney later this month and are contemplating the doing the meal plan. i called and talked to bo about it a few days ago. i know if bo pittman did it, then it must be a good deal...