Friday, January 4, 2008

Abbreviated Motherly Wisdom

I'm posting twice today to prove to my daughter that I can write a short post. She sweetly inferred that my long posts might tempt someone (like her...) to 'skim' as opposed to the deep comprehension that we expect from blog readers. Her suggestion was that I go cold turkey to break my habit of verbosity - and try something simple like posting my Christmas mashed potato recipe, but I'm no Pioneer Woman - so I think I'll pass on the mashed potatoes (get it? Pass... on the potatoes. Hah! And she really thinks people want me to leave this kind of stimulating stuff out of my posts just so they'll have a few more minutes in their day?)

So, I'm going to take a cue from Jenni, of Makeshift Mama, who asked in an earlier comment if I had any motherly wisdom. That's one of the many myths about large families. People think the more kids you have, the wiser and more patient and loving you must be. I prefer to let that myth go unchallenged - so I'll give it a shot and tell you about something new we're doing this week.

I have done many things in the past to help my children work on developing the habit of Immediate Obedience. We've always required them to give some kind of response after an instruction, such as - Yes, ma'am, OK Mom, I'll be happy to Mom, At your service Your Majesty... or any other acknowledgment that they have indeed heard and understood us. At times, when their response is sweet enough, but the follow-through is sketchy, we've required them to say, "Yes, Mom, I'll ......go take out the trash" or whatever we've asked them to do. That way, they are totally and completely without excuse for not complying immediately.

This week, I've taken the Motivation to Obey to a whole new level. Daniel is the Worst Offender at the moment (and if I was one of those Excuse-Making Mamas who think their kids are perfect, I'd blame it on the lack of routine we've had during the holidays....or maybe even Mickey Mouse). So, after a particularly relevant family devotion this week, I had the idea to ask him not only to say, "Yes, ma'am", but to add this quote from Ps. 119:60. "I will hasten and not delay to obey your commands." It's a good reminder for him of what he's supposed to do after he hears me- and I love the way it sounds :)

There's much more to this - but I'm prohibited from saying more due to my current challenge to be concise. And don't expect all my posts to be all nice and short. It's too hard. Just skim if you have to! I don't have time for this (write...delete...write...delete..write...delete). It takes way too much time to have to think while I write. Rambling is way easier. And this still isn't that short!



Jenni said...

"That's one of the many myths about large families... I prefer to let that myth go unchallenged."

Heeheehee! Thanks for making me laugh! And good idea with the repeat-it-back thing! I'll have to remember that for when mine are old enough to... er... wait... I bet Ariel could say, "I put away" or "I no touch" or something. Maybe I don't hold her to a high enough standard. 22 months is a tough age to know how to parent.

Davene said...

This is great--BOTH of your posts from today! And don't worry about what your daughter says...some of us bloggers really LIKE to read long posts! :)

My husband is a skimmer though, and I understand that some people are just that way. Sigh... we can't all be perfect. :)

I definitely appreciate what you said about immediate obedience and having your children verbalize that. My boys have memorized Ps. 119:60, but don't always "apply" it, if you know what I mean. I'm going to talk to my husband about this idea of repeating it back, and I think we'll be putting that into practice in our family. Thanks so much!!!

Persuaded said...

LOL! My gracious girl you are funny! and inspirational! and wise!

I think I want to be your new best friend;-)

lea said...

dear persuaded,

you sound like a lovely girl, but i am deb's best friend and i don't share well (OK the BEST friend part might be an exaggeration, but she does owe me a lunch and i don't want to see any new gal pals take that meal away from me)...

Persuaded said...

Well lea, since she owes you a lunch and all, I guess I'll have to forgo "Deb's best friend" status to ya;-)

I'll just enjoy reading her blog, lol!

lea said...

dear persuaded,

with your easygoing nature, i think you could maybe move right under me on the best friends list. the only thing more fun than reading debbie's blog would be if she would actually CALL me and go to lunch with me. whatever could she be doing to keep her from that all important task? it isn't like she has a lot to do...

Half-Past Kissin' Time said...

Sweet. That's a good idea (expecting a response). It completely eliminates the "I didn't hear you" excuse.

Just the right length :)

megntally said...

After reading the "response requirement" to my Becky and telling her that I think we will try that, she has forbidden me from reading any more of Ms. Debbie's blogs. She said you are a bad influence on me!!! LOL!!

Keep up the good work, Deb, between you and Ashli's bread baking experience, I've had my laugh quota for the morning!

Half-Past Kissin' Time said...

In reference to your comment on my blog (THANKS!):

Copy and past this link to find an example of a "tag cloud." The biggest, boldest "tags" or words are those most read/most popular. On my blog, my tag cloud shows what I wrote about the most (bigger/bolder word means I've written on that topic at least three times. See, now you've learned something new AGAIN! Good job being open to it. I wouldn't recommend the tag cloud to a beginner, though; save that one til you have enough posts to make it worth your time and effort :)

Persuaded said...

Yes lea... I totally agree! I mean seriously what could be more pressing than lunch with her best friend?

I think we should all become a best friends gang:-)