Thursday, November 22, 2007

Hello Blog World!

I'm a blogger! I do like the sound of that. I knew I would.

I'm excited - and petrified, all at once. I've put this off for so long that (in typical Me Fashion),I've turned it into a Production. I've talked about doing this for so long that nobody close to me really listens to me anymore when I broach the subject. Won't they be surprised when I send them my URL? (whatever the heck that is.) However, several recent events compelled me to go ahead and take the Bloggy Journey (not the least of which is a sweet, but nagging friend - combined with a son who gave me "One Free Blog set-up" for my last birthday.. with a looming expiration date.)

The funniest part is that I imagine only my family and loyal friends will read this -and I already communicate with them all the time, but this still feels different. I guess now that I have a space in the Blogosphere I will have to do things like: check punctuation, use big words context, and maybe even try to be concise (That will definitely be a challenge.) And I guess I should just go ahead and warn you that I tend to use caps Inappropriately, and I really like these - - - - (dashes), and I also use these ( ) too much. I type like I think (SCARY...HUH?!)

My sons, the ones who don't live here anymore but who I really miss when I'm messing with the computer, helped me put some of our Thanksgiving pictures on My Brand New, I'm going to go blog about those now. Isn't this fun?! :)I feel like a real Millennium Mom (instead of the Menopausal Maniac Mom I really am.) I feel cool. I feel Technological. I feel trendy, I feel I wish I knew more "hip" words.

Later, I promise to post about my "compelling reasons" to go ahead and start my blog now. It won't be a cheery post, so I didn't want to begin with it. And then, I'll explain where the whole "Bakers Dozen" thing comes from. That one WILL be cheery- yet insane :)

Debbie (...who has a really cool signature, but can't figure out how to get it on here. SO much for feeling all techy-savvy.)

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