Saturday, January 8, 2011

I think I can....I think I can....

I don't often write posts where my sole purpose is to send you to someone else's blog - but some days you wake to the shocking revelation that another blogger has written something better than you did. So, rather than keeping it to yourself (or sulking...), you must share.

Today my dear friend Anne at Holy Experience .... OK...we're not actually friends.  But I bet we would be. She'd probably really like me.

Or pretend she did.

I imagine her as the type of friend who would hang on every word you said as if she was privileged just to be included in your conversation.

She is the ultimate girl-next-door - cute, perky, God-loving, and with a boatload of talent humbly hiding behind a haystack.   Yep. She lives in Nowheresville, and is married to a farmer. That's most likely why I don't write better. My husband is not a farmer. And there are no haystacks out my windows. How can I be a truly humble, profound writer like Anne with no haystacks out my pie-laden kitchen window? For heaven's sake, my husband wears a suit most days. How am I supposed to overcome obstacles like that?!

Today Anne posted a beautiful weekend post of mainly pictures (Yep....she takes glorious pictures, along with her great writing, hunk-of-a-farmer husband, and cherub-faced farm children.....and Nope, I'm not coveting her life. I couldn't stand it. Literally....I could not stand it. She lives in the frigid north, and my typing fingers are already shaking on this high 50's Florida winter day. Brain freeze would keep me from enjoying my children, my farmer,  my pies, and my thousands of blog followers.)

But, it's not the pictures I'm sending you over there to see. It's the 100 days list. It's brilliant, really.  And not because of the poignant quotes on the simple form, or the way she graciously provided a link to share her idea with the masses.  It's the fact that her form only includes Three Blank Lines for each of the 100 days. She's suggesting we find three things to be consistent on for 100 days. Three new habits. That's all.

Brilliant.  Because it's do-able. (And - at least on my list - does not require a gym.)

I printed the 100 Days List out for myself and for each of my children. We're all praying about our 3 things over the weekend, and then on Monday we'll make them known.

My preliminary list:
(1) Eat a candy bar.
(2) Take a nap.
(3) Ask someone to rub my back.

I realize it needs tweaking, but I don't want to set myself up for failure. Anne would want her good friend, Debbie, to succeed. But wouldn't it be fun to check those babies off each day?

(Serious list coming Monday. Perhaps some Sabbath worship will help me redefine my goals :)

If you decide to work on 3 new habits for 100 days, come on back and tell me about them. I promise not to make (too much) fun of you if they're not as ambitious as mine.


Anonymous said...

I can see that you ladies are such good friends that you spelled her name with an E when it has none. Ya know what? I'm sure she's so godly she's already forgiven you AND wished that her name was spelled with an E so that you could be right.

One of my three things on my 100 Days List is to leave nicer comments :)

Thanks for the post. I love Ann Voskamp and her blog and her haystacks, and I couldn't stand her life, either :)

Cheaper by the Baker's Dozen said...

Oh, yeah, Leah. You're quite the meanie. I definitely think being sweeter should be right up there at 1 or 2 on your 3 line list. (Too bad most of ya'll don't know Leah, or you would be ROFLOL right now.

As far as the way she misspells her name, well that's probably part of the package that keeps her so humble :)

Lori said...

Please tell me "Ann" is NOT a mispelling. I found out fairly recently that "Lori" was once considered a creative spelling. I just don't think I could take it.

Lori Ann

Cheaper by the Baker's Dozen said...

Lori...(Or should it be Laurie?),
I read Anne VK's blog every day but just mentally added that extra e each time I saw her name. I guess I've been brainwashed by Anne of Green Gables and her obsessiveness.

I'll try to be more careful. For Leah. And for my BFF Ann.

Sarah said...

Mrs. Pittman,

Well, it appears that Miss Leah was signed into all things Google when *I* commented so that comment was actually mine. But don't change anything because I like the idea of "if people knew me they would be ROFLOL."

I'll work on the nicer comments...wait until Monday :)

Lori said...

I printed her 100 days form at half size and it's posted on my fridge.

1. vitamin
2. walk
3. floss

Nothing ambitious, but I really need to work on health this year.

Cheaper by the Baker's Dozen said...

Sarah, the fact that Leah got the blame for your mean comment makes me ROFLOL, so that's one for each of you today.

And Lori, love your fridge idea! And such practical items on your list. Ann and I are proud of you :)

lea said...

great minds think alike... i had already printed out ann"e"'s chart (great minds spell alike too). you know that i love a good chart.

my three things are walk, Scripture memory work, and call debbie. or maybe the third is hang a picture in its rightful place. or clean out one drawer or shelf.

Cheaper by the Baker's Dozen said...

Lea, Yes - Great minds do think alike (.....either that, or there are a bunch of copycats around here. I've seen links to Ann(e)'s 100 days form on 9 out of 10 blogs I frequent.

And I think your #3 needs a little tweaking. I believe you meant to say - "LINGER over some chai tea with Debbie"