Thursday, February 4, 2010

Is it possible?

Winston Knox Pittman is 18 today. Sometimes these hallmark birthdays make me melancholy as I think of how quickly the time has gone - but I've found a cure for that.

I just close my eyes for a minute and envision myself getting older (actually, I could keep my eyes open for this part - and just look in the mirror), then I imagine my children gathered around my aging self.....But they aren't any older. They continue to be young, energetic, inquisitive, appropriately independent, .....and Still Living With Me.

So having my babies turn into "adults" (and anyone with an 18 year old can surely attest to the validity of those quotation marks!) .... "It's a good thing." (that saying comes from possibly the one woman least likely to understand what my life is like - - - - -Which would be Martha Stewart, in case I have any male readers...)

I blogged on his 17th birthday.
Read what I think about my guy, here. (It's a great reminder of a big God who works His wonders in mere men.) In looking at those pictures from last year I notice he hasn't changed much physically. But big changes are happening on the inside.

He's about to earn his Eagle Scout.

He's seriously praying about joining the Army.

His Dad is looking on Craig's List for some kind of vehicle for him (to share with his soon-to-be-18 sister......par for the course in a big family.)

He's reading Spiritual Disciplines of the Godly Man... for the second time.

And the big mark of maturity around here...He rarely needs reminding to put deodorant on in the morning.

Next thing you know he'll be putting his dirty laundry in the hamper.

Happy Birthday, Winston! I'm so glad you're my son.


Cathy said...

My favorite part of Matt being a Cub Scout is seeing all of these young men there when I'm there each's so encouraging. Happy Birthday to your new "adult". :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, Mom, great post. I share your sentiments in everyway, but especially being proud on the metamorphosis to a real young MAN. You da man Winston! Love dado

Laura said...

I find this to be a hopeful post as my boys are still 7 and 9 and show it.

brite said...

Very sweet- thanks for posting!

Dayna said...

We're living the quotation marks, too. In our house, though, I'm the one reaching the milestones. For instance, I no longer remind our "adult" how to properly use subject and object pronouns. Instead, I let her stand or fall on her own ignorance or grasp of English grammar.

I'm so glad to have pioneers like you to help me to cope with the reality of time's effects on our children. I like your strategy. I think I'll try the mental picture thing.

busymomof10 said...

This was a great post! I thought I had left a comment long ago, but now I see that I didn't! In my experience, girls become women way too soon, and boys become men never soon enough!!! :)

I was just dropping by to tell you that it is time for another post from my favorite blogger! :) Hoping you will post again soon . . .

Renee said...

I so enjoy your blog. I check here often! I am the Mom of 6, all adopted and I love seeing how other Moms make it work in their homes! I feel truly blessed in my life!!
I have a question for you though, and couldn't find a way to email you directly. You mentioned that you have a designated playroom instead of letting kids have toys in their bedrooms. I am considering doing this. Just curious how you've made it work and why you chose to do it this way. Would you mind emailing me and telling me how it works for your family? Thank you so much!! (Can you tell I am fighting the never ending 'bedroom/toy' clutter challenge!!) My kids range in age from 21 down to 7, no more toddlers and so a playroom is looking ever so appealing!! Just need some ideas and counsel on this!!