Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Dog Days of Summer

Hah! Gotcha! You thought maybe, with that new title, this wouldn't be yet another post about my Staycation, didn't you? I'm so sneaky. You must be new to my blog...Otherwise, you'd know better than to trust me.

However, there are dogs in the post. And the pictures were taken this summer (during my staycation.) So the title is not a complete lie.

This picture reminds me that we really should get one of those "Rules of the Pool" signs made.

No Dogs Allowed. Especially on the pool floats.

And especially if they plan on bringing friends.

Oh, and No Dogs touching the pool toys, either! If these weren't my GrandDogs, I'd be grossed out.

Surprisingly, we had no injuries during the Staycation - even though many daring (and stupid) stunts were tried.

Yep, that's my daring son-in-law, Nathan, doing a handstand off the very-edge of the diving board and hoisting himself over with his muscles. And then look how high he gets on his back flip?!Even Pop has to crane his neck to see this one.

But of course, I am equally enamored with both of my sons-in-law. But maybe just for different reasons :) Warren leads a mean family devotion - and makes great coffee, even if his jack-knife doesn't get quite the airtime that Nathan's does.

Here's another one of Warren's jumps. I think he calls this his SuperMan dive. Or not.

I love how, in each of these pictures, you can see the manly competitive nature of the guys as they check out each other's dives.

Watching all of this must have been agony for Winston, since he could've jumped higher and done Way More Dangerous stuff than any of these guys!

(If you're reading this before 7/28 - he has his surgery that day, so please pray for a full recovery!)

And then there were the girls showing off their, er....dives (?)

Here's Cooper proving his boyliness by being Top Gun on the pyramid.

Although he didn't really need to use his newfound swimming skills very much with so many doting uncles around.

I think if I had to wear one of these....I'd learn how to swim real quick-like, too.

Pop and I were too cool to dive. This is what we mostly did. And yes....we were on speaking terms. Not so sure why we didn't sit just a little closer to each other.

Some commenters (and you know how I love my commenters!) were asking about that mural in the background. It's painted on the back wall of the cabana. The previous owner of our house had it commissioned. All of her pets are in it...even tombstones for the dearly departed ones.
Isn't that ummmmm....special?!

This was my favorite pool activity. Holding wet babies with cute little butts.

You know how hard it is to find that pefect pool-side hairdo? Well, not for these guys.

And here are my last few pool pics to show you - Then next time, I'll share with you the non-fun part of the Staycation. It's the part that makes our family what it is.


Moriah @ Please Pass the Salt said...

So funny.

The GrandDog comment reminded me of my college-aged cousin from Phoenix (dad grew up in California) who wants his future kids to call his dad GrandDude. Always cracked me up.

busymomof10 said...

Great pictures! It is a very good thing you had the Staycation. If not, you would have had norhing to blog about!

Anonymous said...

Great post and photos to show what the staycation was all about--worth the nearly 3 hrs. you put into it.

Love, DH (Pop)

Kelley said...

Great post. Made me laugh, as always.

Dayna said...

Debbie, thanks for the entertainment! Poor Winston. Bless his heart! I'll be praying for him.

busymomof10 said...

Have you seen Donna Gibson's blog?? Her sense of humor reminds me a lot of yours. I know you would love visiting her little corner of the blogosphere.

jodi said...

the girls have been keeping up with your family and told me of winston's surgery today--i'm so praying it will work, and he'll have an easy, fast and complete recovery. robin had several herniated discs 18 years ago, and except for the huge scar down his neck, he's never been better.

praying for you, the nurse, too!

Sarah said...

Your post was hilarious. I love the diving pictures. I knew I would :) And I love the hair styles. Great pictures!

I'll be praying for Winston. I have injured my back several times this summer (running injuries) and this past week was the worst. I almost couldn't even walk up the stairs yesterday. So I know that suffering from back pain is brutal. I'll be praying for him today.

Laura said...

Love all the pictures. Makes me really want a pool.

Kahlua Keeping Koala said...

I love to see your family enjoying each other so much!

-Julie said...

You got some great shots! I love the one of the leaning tower of kids!