Monday, May 4, 2009

Magazine May

The day you've been waiting for is finally here! How did you ever make it through the weekend while waiting for me to reveal my Every Day (except the weekends) in May theme?

Your patience is truly inspirational!

For the month of May I am going to do a little consumer reporting. I am a big fan of magazines. I love the way you can pick one up, read for a few minutes, look at the pretty pictures, be tempted by the alluring ads- the delicious sounding recipes - the promise of a flawless face - the behind the scenes look at Oprah's mansion - then put it down and get on with your life.

Magazines aren't like books. You don't think about them when you're not reading them. You don't stay up late to read one more article. You're not usually sad when they end.

They are literature "lite". Very lite. As in weightless :)

But I still love them.

The problem is: they multiply. You think they're only coming once a month, and certainly your life is not so busy that you can't flip through one skinny magazine every 30 days. But, alas, it's May and sitting right there on your coffee table, unread, is a magazine telling you how to have "the best and brightest holiday ever", or (and I'm reading from an actual magazine from my current "to be read" stack.....) "6 ingredient holiday meals".

You sign up for a monthly subscription (or two..or three) and next thing you know you have 812 magazines stacked beside your toilet.

But I still love them.

So....My bright idea for May was to pick a couple of magazines and try to justify subscribing to them by doing something from a magazine each day in May. Can magazine reading improve one's life? I plan to find out!

Here's just a few things I could choose from:

"Your Whole Life Makeover: 100 Easy ideas for your home, hair, diet & life" (Good Housekeeping May 2009)

"The Barefoot Contessa's Inspiring Garden, plus Her Favorite Spring Recipes" (Better Homes and Gardens March 2009)

"26 Weight Loss Tricks that Work" (Women's Health Feb. 2009)

"Triple Crown Cocktails" (Southern Living, May 2009)

"Time-saving tips and smart products for as little as $4" (Real Simple, May 2009)

"Celebrating Greece" (Cooking Pleasures, July 2008)

"Jennifer Anniston Finally Pregnant" (Star Gazers, March 2009)
(this one would be kind of hard to implement since I don't know Jenn, nor do I really want to be pregnant at this time in my life..)

The only thing I haven't decided is whether I should pick one magazine and implement as many ideas/tips/solutions/recipes/travel tips (!) as I can - or whether I should just pick one thing a day from any magazine I choose.

Do you have an opinion? Hurry and tell me since I start tomorrow!

And magazines are not the only place to find good deals. Check out these:

The Nester is giving away free e-books filled with her great decorating advice

And I just signed up to win some beautiful tableware at A Soft Place to Land.

And I left a link to here at Chatting at the Sky, where she has a great idea for Unwrapping Your Tuesday -plus an adorable picture of her girls. You'll love the way she writes.

Check them all out.....But make sure to come back to see how magazines are changing my life .... or not.


busymomof10 said...

Sounds like a great way to blog your way through May! You should have plenty of material to work with! I vote for picking one idea from any magazine of your choice and implementing it! That will give you more freedom and more variety and possibly introduce your readers to more magazines. However, maybe you don't want to introduce your readers to more magazines, because you don't want them to read magazines instead of your blog! Right?? ;)

Tracy said...

I am a sucker for magazines and after the exponential growth a few years ago,I nixed most of the subscriptions. Down to 3 now, so I look forward to living vicariously through your "research" for May!

Kelley said...

Ok, I must admit that magazines stress me out. Something about how messy a magazine looks sitting there and the way they don't stack well, etc. The only magazines you'll find in my house are truck/car (not mine, fyi) hid behind cabinets and/or in drawers. Maybe you will convince me to view them in a different light!

Debbie @ Cheaper by the Bakers Dozen said...

OK, Kelley, you're on! I have taken up the challenge (as if May wasn't busy enough...) to convince you that you need more magazines than Truck and Car.

And you've inspired me to post some pictures of how magazines can be properly stored.

Anonymous said...

Miss Kelley, you need a pretty basket on your hearth to put your magazines (that Mrs. Pittman is going to convince you to get) in. It can make a room look so comfortable, like you could just sit down and pass the time of day.

jodi said...

oh yay! you're blogging every day. you can even blog the weekends... just choose the date you want it to publish and you don't have to physically be there to post!

you know what i'm going to suggest- keep it simple. one thing from one magazine. you could even try one product if you don't have time to do something new and tell bo it was in the spirit of "blog research".

glad you'll be regular again.
i mean regularly blogging.
jodi-who's loving dreary/rainy/50 degree pa. though no one around her enjoys it.....

lea said...

i vote for trying out the "triple crown cocktails"... and invite me over.

Christy said...

Hi, I just discovered your blog - fun, fun, fun!!! I say pick one thing each day from any old magazine you want. I "only" have 8 living children and 1 grandbaby - I love your laundry tips.

jax said...

I have a hard time believing that you subscribe to "Star Gazer" magazine. I also have a hard time believing that Jennifer Aniston is pregnant.

Can't wait to read these posts about magazines -- you passed your love for the glossies on to me, and also your doubt about whether they're worthwhile! I've cut off all my subscriptions except to Cookie + Gourmet. But sometimes I can't help myself and I end up buying Real Simple anyway.

Kellye, Chad, Hayden, and Sebastian said...

Ha ha ha! You had me at the magazines stacked by the toilet! Hysterical! I'll have to follow you just to find out if you're doing the things from mags.