Tuesday, May 12, 2009

How About MOST Days in May?

My Every Day (except the weekends) in May blogging Extravaganza wasn't quite so extravagant last Friday. I left for Tennessee that morning to watch my daughter, Mary-Faith, compete in a regatta with her crew team. Between the long car ride up, the lack of communication between the 'guest blogger' I thought I had lined up and myself, and my inability to find the hotel internet access code....I just decided everyone would survive just fine until Monday without seeing a magazine review from me.

In fact, you survived so well (no mean comments, no reminders that Every Day in May just might include Fridays) that I decided you could make it another day without a new magazine review. I like to think the best of my readers, you know? :)

I'm having some extenuating circumstances.

My magazine is in the van.

It's almost midnight.

I'm in my pajamas.

I'm scared to go out to the carport by myself...in my pjs.....in the dark... just to get a magazine.

I'm such a big girl, aren't I?

Tomorrow I'll review Women's Health magazine - which I either really liked or really hated (I have to keep you guessing so you'll come back tomorrow), but just because I'm a Very Nice Blogger, I'm going to do a mini-review for you of the book we discussed in my book club tonight.

Our May selection was Sacred Influence by Gary Thomas. (If you click on that link it will take you to the search page at amazon.com where you can view All the "Sacred" books that Gary Thomas has written.) This book was one of my club recommendations so I was slightly biased as I read it. I wanted it to be fantastic so my fellow bibliophiles would all rise up and called me blessed. After reading a good portion of it, I don't think there'll be any blessed name-calling, but I do think we learned some good lessons from it.

(I am literally falling asleep as I type this post. If you're reading this.....come back later - as in Tuesday late morning) and I'll have the book review finished. I'll also have Women's Health reviewed by tomorrow nigth.

Promises, promises!



jax said...

At least you got something up today! I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts on Women's Health. I subscribed to it for a year after we first got married and of course, still have the magazines sitting around somewhere. Of course, back then I did have time to read them as soon as I got them in the mail, but I kept them anyway because who can retain that much information?

Jason and Gretchen said...

I hate going out to the car in the middle of the night too!