Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Over at Chic Critique today you'll find everything you ever wanted to know about Vaseline.

And if that wasn't exciting enough, it's written by me.

Although apparently that's not such a Big Whoop-de-Doo for you anymore. My readership has plummeted in the last month or so. A friend mentioned that perhaps this phenomena is due to the fact that I hardly blog anymore.

Such fair weather loyalty!

People actually stop reading a high-quality, (previously) wildly popular blog just because there's nothing to read on it?!!

But fortunately I'm UP FOR THE CHALLENGE of regaining my tens of readers. In just a few days I plan on beginning my Annual Every (week)Day in May blogging extravaganza. I'm doing this because apparently I have a short memory and have forgotten how very, very longgggggg May was last year.

I have SUCH a cool idea of what to blog about, too. Theme-based blogging....Just like the Pioneer Woman, The Nester, Big Mama, and all the other super-star bloggers. I might even have a give-away.

So, for heaven's sake, people. Get your priorities in order and Start. Reading. My. Blog. DAILY.

Consider it part of your continuing education or personal improvement or even a valid waste of time.

Now if you'll kindly go over to Chic Critique and read my profound thoughts on heel improvement, I'd appreciate it ever so much.

(and just to prove to you that I have reformed by sporadic blogging habit, I'm posting twice today - with a mothering tip and some (further) proof that my boys are slobs.)


Laura said...

Is it a contest this time?

And just for the record. I'm one of the faithful few who checks regularly.

brite said...

Obviously you are not talking about the faithful few...those of us who comment. (Does family really count?) What's the know May is only two days away. Is this a contest that others can get in on???

Anonymous said...

I read it!! And both crack up and resolve personal improvement every time.

Sarah said...

I love reading the Cheaper By The Baker's Dozen blog...every day. I can't wait to read your May posts. You always make me laugh so hard.

Pat said...

I check regularly ... but not having found a new post for SUCH a long time ... I forgot to keep checking. Now I will! What's a ped egg?

jessica said...

i am sorry and have reformed my ways, and will support you loyally throughout May. Come what May whining, counting the long days of May.... I will hang in their with you my sweet friend:)