Wednesday, February 25, 2009

It worked for Shrek.....

....and he's not even real!

So, I figure if he can do three movies in a row, then you can put up with three posts about laundry. (Can you tell I'm Shrekked Out?)

But lucky for you, mine won't be in a row. If by some chance you've missed the golden opportunity to see my ideas for laundry room decor' and organization (mostly organization - but dontcha just love the way decor' rolls off the tongue? Read it aloud. You'll see what I mean.)

Those who know me in RL (that would be Real Life, for all you BAN's -Blog Acronym Newbies) have mentioned over and over again (that would be twice...Over - and then Over)) that I forgot to reveal my most helpful laundry tip. Well, for Pete's sake, Can't a girl have a public, open-to-the-world blog without baring her soul-secrets to every Mom, Vick, and Mary?

My last remaining laundry secret is complicated - not to implement, just to explain -so while I work on it ( between crew practice, soccer practice, tennis practice, a book report on Tom Sawyer, a research paper on "What is the Gospel?" and memorizing Eph. 2), look at these:

This is Baby Thomas - the Happiest Baby on Earth. (I'm sure his expression will change when he realizes how far he lives from his GrandMama - but for now, let him live in innocent nirvana.)

See you tomorrow with the Top Secret Laundry Tip that involves a Sharpie (you don't really think of Sharpies and laundry as going together do you? At least not in a postive way.....But you'll see!)


lea said...

thomas' hair is AWESOME! and i cannot wait for your laundry tip because i LOVE LOVE LOVE me some sharpies...

Lori said...

What version are you using to memorize Eph. 2?

BParrish said...

Regarding your comment: I wish you lived closer too, but not because of the chai. I think you would make an awesome friend. And I think this nasty virus has finally turned the corner. Still coughing but I feel human today.

LOVE your doughnuts! They are SO in tune with your blog title.

Debbie @ Cheaper by the Bakers Dozen said...

Hi Lori-
I had forgotten YOU are the Ephesians Girl until I read your comment! Molly and Daniel are memorizing the entire book at school. I think they're using the NIV. (Not sure since it's printed out for them.) I like the NAS best and that's what we do our family memory work in.

Although you know Lea has got me hooked on at least glancing at what The Message guy has to say about it....

Laura said...

I love baby hair. You never know what you are going to get.

Stacy said...

your grandsome is gorgeous! Wow you have a big family =) Thats great! I love big familys. I only grew up with one brother and we didn't get a long at all. Maybe if we had had more brothers and sisters to spend time with it wouldn't have been like that? I would love to have AT LEAST 4 kids (I know your probably laughing xD) But dh says 2 is our limit. :( I pray for a change of heart in him almost daily.

Getting back on topic... a sharpie? in the laundry? Tell me it isn't so! xD

lea said...

hee hee hee, i see that you admit to looking (well, glancing) at the message every now and then... that is the first step, soon you won't be homeschooling anymore (oh, wait you aren't), you will be reading vampire books (and seeing the movie), and who know what temptation i will lead you into next. i am the friend your pastor warned you about...

but i do buy lunch for you... and remember the salad dressing????? you can't leave me now...

Lori said...

Here's a review for chapter 1... (NIV)

E 1
1 P, a a o C J b t w o G, T t s i E, t f i C J:
2 G a p t y f G o F a t L J C.
3 P b t t G a F o o L J C, w h b u i t h r w e s b i C.
4 F h c u i h b t c o t w t b h a b i h s. I l
5 h p u t b a a h s t J C, i a w h p a w—
6 t t p o h g g, w h h f g u i t O h l.
7 I h w h r t h b, t f o s, i a w t r o G's g
8 t h l o u w a w a u.
9 A h m k t u t m o h w a t h g p, w h p i C,
10 t b p i e w t t w h r t f—t b a t i h a o e t u o h, e C.
11 I h w w a c,[e] h b p a t t p o h w w o e i c w t p o h w,
12 i o t w, w w t f t h i C, m b f t p o h g.
13 A y a w i i C w y h t w o t, t g o y s. H b, y w m i h w a s, t p H S,
14 w i a d g o i u t r o t w a G's p—t t p o h g.
15 F t r, e s I h a y f i t L J a y l f a t s,
16 I h n s g t f y, r y i m p.
17 I k a t t G o o L J C, t g F, m g y t S o w a r, s t y m k h b.
18 I p a t t e o y h m b e i o t y m k t h t w h h c y, t r o h g i i t s,
19 a h i g p f u w b. T p i l t w o h m s,
20 w h e i C w h r h f t d a s h a h r h i t h r,
21 f a a r a a, p a d, a e t t c b g, n o i t p a b a i t o t c.
22 A G p a t u h f a a h t b h o e f t c,
23 w i h b, t f o h w f e i e w.

At you can find a text converter that will produce the above (the first letters of each word in a text). It has been really helpful to me in retaining the early stuff, particularly when I want to review a lot very quickly. You do have to sort of edit what is produced (the second digit of each two-digit number is left off, for example, and if you cut and paste from Bible Gateway, you need to delete the footnotes.)

Happy memorizing!

Lori said...

Like I said about the editing... it looks like a missed a footnote- that [e]. Sorry about that.

busymomof10 said...

I only have ONE useful laundry tip and it involves a Sharpie. I'm wondering if it is the same one you are about to share?? Waiting in breathless anticipation . . . .

Mrs. E. said...

Just wanted you to know how much I appreciated your comments over at Kimba's place.