Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Fun planned for tomorrow

Tomorrow I am participating in a special blog day (what are these things called....Some expert blogger needs to help this novice out!) sponsored by

The Shabby Nest (who has some to-die-for kid's rooms posted on her blog today), and also by The Pretty Organizer (who commented on my blog TWICE and made Lea very, very envious...Which I love thinking about.... more than I should....)

I have some good ideas - and I'm gonna get my Inferior Camera out and take some pictures to share.

(I also moved all the furniture around in my living room - and I use the words "I moved" very loosely, because I don't have 7 boys just so I can lug heavy stuff by my 53-year old self. I tell them I'm and Idea Person....Not a laborer. I won't tell you what they said to that, but they obviously don't have the proper appreciation for creative minds (with weak bodies.)

So come back tomorrow and see my entry in the Taming Kid Clutter Linky Party. I hear there will be chocolate, but I guess someone needs to explain that to me, also.

Cyber-chocolate? Doesn't sound that appealing. But I do have my Party outfit ready and I've carved out space on my calendar to spend a glorious hour (or so...) checking out all the great ideas I'm going to get tomorrow.

I bet I won't even sleep tonight :)


Moriah @ Please Pass the Salt said...

That would be a 'carnival.' :)

lea said...

is it tomorrow yet?

lea said...

i woke up early to read your blog and have all the fun planned for today! bring on the fun...

Cathy said...

Ditto Lea....SOME PEOPLE and their promises ; )

Debbie said...

Ahem, My Very Impatient Readers (all two of you)-
It is STILL tomorrow!
Tomorrow does not end at 7 am!
I could tell you how I was up all night with a sick 10yo - after getting to bed late due to a school open house and a soccer game, followed by helping with an essay.......But I won't.

I WILL keep my promise.
Please check back later (at a decent hour)

Debbie (who is off to rustle up some fun - and empty the 10 yo's bucket)

Laura said...

I'm looking forward to checking back later.

Liz said...

Sounds exciting!