Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Too Cute For Words

OK, I lied.

There will be words.

But don't try and tell me I'm just biased because this adorable baby is my newest grandson. You know he's cute! I can hear you ooohing and aahhhing. I bet you're saving this picture as your new wallpaper. It's OK. I give you permission :)

This was Eli's first Sunday at church. And I must point out, that Jacqueline looks pretty good herself for having a 6 day old baby. I like the way the candid shot makes them look like they're movie stars being caught by some paparazzi outside their Hollywood place of worship. Brad Pitt has got nuthin' on my son-in-law Nathan.

And of course, like all new moms, my daughter plays classical music for her newborn.
He's even starting to show a preference for Mozart. She got this idea from me.
Only difference between her and me is that I used a cassette tape (....or was it a phonograph?) and she plays the piano herself.

Lest you think the cuteness is limited to my newborn grandchildren, here are two pictures of Cooper and Adeline playing "midwife".

I love how he's measuring her tummy in the plastic tub, especially since their mother has water homebirths (can't remember the official name of the method...)

And being entertained in the background is the grandson who was booted out of his "newest grandchild" position after only 6 weeks, Thomas the Terrific.

Here's Cooper with his new firetruck, coincidentally given to him by Me :)

This last picture makes me cry for two reasons.

1. Adeline has pigtails! And babies aren't supposed to have pigtails, which means she's getting to be a big girl. Don't you hate it when they go from babies to toddlers? And it happens in the blink of an eye. Especially if you live 7 hours away from them (sniff:sniff)
2. She looks EXACTLY like her mother looked at her age. Which Could Not have been thirty years ago, could it have???????????????

Come back tomorrow. I know it's anticlimatic, but I finally have a picture of my Christmas tree to show you.

And maybe by early spring I'll even have my New Years pictures up.


Lori said...

Cute, cute, cute. Even the adults.

lea said...

i am officially not talking to jacq since she looks so GREAT 6 days after giving birth... good think i already mailed her a baby gift because after that photo i might have "lost" it somewhere on the way to the post office...

i love brite's children staging their own water birth. too funny!

brite said...

Thomas' glory days sure were short. However, we're not jealous over here because it's so fun to have a new nephew...and such an adorable one to boot! I'm so anxious to meet him, and I keep filling a box with more and more things to send him. I can't stop myself!

Kelley said...

They're all beautiful!

Laura said...

Love those baby pics. And, yes, they become toddlers too fast. Although, I had two babies who were either getting a haircut or being put into pig-tails before they were six months old.

Davene said...

Oh, that face in the first picture! Those cheeks, that chin! Scrumptious! :)

And the "playing midwife" pics cracked me up. Kids are so funny!

Meg in Tally said...

You've got enough comments about the cute little I won't add to your big head....

allhisblessings said...

I actually did say, "Awww..." when I got to the first photo.

jessica said...

how much cuter could a child be? the knitted hat, the cute little newborn face, what more could a grandma need, Oh wait..... two cute little ones playing water birth, with adorable thomas right there..... it could only be better if they lived on the same block and you had more time for your friend whose name starts with a "J" and has 8 kiddos.

I also loved your tedd tripp stuff.....
much love you really are an inspiration

and jacq does look beautiful.... she is going to be an amazing mom

Pat said...

Thanks for sharing so many adorable pictures. I noticed Kell read and commented on your blog while I'm waiting patiently for MORE grandbaby (my own) pictures to be uploaded on her blog! I'm not upset ... not at all!