Tuesday, January 6, 2009

"Behold, Elijah is here"

For those of you who do not have your Old Testament memorized, that subject line is from 1 Kings 18:14 - And it's referring (loosely) to the pictures below. Check it out yourself in the NAGV**.

This is my second-born daughter, Jacqueline with her husband Nathan (deployed until 2 days before the birth!), and the absolutely gorgeous, amazingly cute Elijah Nathan. They look especially good if you consider that they had not slept in more than 24 hours.

My husband, aka Pop, checks out his newest grandson, 7 lbs 4 oz - very respectable for a little boy who wasn't supposed to be born until 1/19.

There is just something breath-taking about watching a man become a father. Watching those big, strong hands tenderly and proudly cradle his child, seeing his smile that never left his face, and watching him shake hands and hug his own father when he handed him his first grandson - Those are precious memories, friends.

All of Nathan's family (parents, 5 sisters and 1 little brother) drove the 8 hours for the birth - Stayed a few short hours to meet their newest family member, enjoyed a big pancake breakfast with my husband and I, then drove the 8 hours back home.

Eli will start out with 17 aunts and uncles between both families. A blessed child indeed! When our first grandson, Cooper, was born 3 years ago, we had to make a rule of only allowing a few uncles (especially the under 12 crowd) in any room with him at the same time. Cooper would get overwhelmed, or hyper, or get whiplash from turning his head every time one of them called "Look at me, Cooper. Look at me!"

I also must heap big loads o' Labor and Delivery Praise on Jacqueline. It's hard to believe this is the same girl who used to scream her head off when a love bug flew anywhere near her. She had a natural birth with no drugs, and even endured a trip from the birthing center to the hospital in an ambulance when the placenta decided to be stubborn.

When "your baby" has a baby you turn into a temporary schizophrenic. On the own hand, it's a joyous occasion when her water breaks and she heads for the midwife's office - But then there's the mama's heart part of you that is fearful for the pain you know she's about to endure. Only the few brave and psychologically-stable (not me!) can claim not to at least entertain the thought, however briefly, that something might happen to their daughter. Of my four grandchildren, I've been at two of their births - and it was the other two that were hardest. I know there's nothing I could do if anything happened to them or their babies even if I was in the room, but it feels wrong not to be there.

It's that whole Leaving and Cleaving thing. So much harder than it sounds.

I do fine after the wedding - Really I do. But then, Your "child" is in the birthing room with a man they have known for a few years max, while the mother that went through labor, nursing, colic, infected breasts, sleepless nights, baby weight that never left, and who gave up caffeine for them (!) is waiting somewhere for a phone call saying it's all over and she can come now.

With 11 children, I better figure out how to get used to this, don't you think?!

Pray for me (and for my poor daughters with the obsessive mother who loves and trusts her sons-in-law, but can't let go at times.)

Let's change the subject, shall we?

Here's Jax and Eli sunning by the window on his 2nd day of life outside the womb.

He's very alert for such a young guy, isn't he? It looks like I have another genius grandchild on my hands. What are the odds of having so many in a row?

Jacqueline and Nathan have two boxers that "used to" think they were hot stuff. Now there is a new guy in the house that's getting lots of attention. This is a picture of Bella checking out the competition.

And lastly, here I am, GrandMama holding sweet Elijah and telling him how he's my favorite (Shhh....Don't tell Cooper, Adeline, or Thomas because I've told them the same thing. And I mean it every time.....) and talking to him about how I will feed him pizza and oreos and chocolate milk as soon as we can finagle a way to get his parents out of the way for a long weekend.

Dave Ramsey fans, please note my hair. The night before we left for Savannah to meet Eli, The Husband and I were looking at the categories for our budget envelopes. When we realized how little we'd have for "hair care", we decided to give each other a trim. Dave should be Very Proud of Me. Very. Proud. He really should consider putting me on the air for an interview.

But you have to admit, The Husband did a good job of cutting the back and over the ears. It looks very professional. And the price was right.

I wonder if he does highlights?

**New American Grandmother's Version


Kelley said...

How exciting!! I'm so glad I have 30 more years 'til Karis begins birthing children:-)

Congratulations Grandma!

Krista said...

Congratulations! It looks like everything went pretty smoothly! Mom and Baby look like they are doing great!

And your haircut does look great. Maybe I should consider letting my husband do my hair...since he is brave enough to let me do his! :)

Cathy said...

Since I don't have grandchildren I'll agree that yours seem quite superior (except when compared to my mother's of course!).

He is a beautiful baby, it is very hard to believe he came a bit earlier to look at him! The Mommy and Daddy are just glowing, what a wonderful season in life - remind them to treasure each moment often! : )

Cathy said...

grrr....earlier than expected was what should have been there!

Pat said...

Wow ... the hubby got there just in time! God is so good! The pictures are wonderful and, as usual, the description is well written, humorous and quite enjoyable. I'm hoping to be at Stacey's 2nd birth (I missed the first) next spring! Grandbabies are the best. However, I did think we were keeping the "pizza and oreos" plan a secret. Now they'll know!

BParrish said...

Congratulations and I totally agree that he looks divinely intelligent! I'm guessing they used the birth center there in Savannah, maybe Jill was the midwife?

I caught my first grandchild at a homebirth but her next homebirth will be via another midwife because they have moved 4 hours away and my daughter labors too quickly for me to arrive in time. It too will most likely be the first birth I will miss of all four so I know what you mean.

Laura said...

That little man was just waiting for his Daddy to get back so he could come out! He's so sweet. Congratulations!

Meg in Tally said...

Great pix Deb! Amazing how God worked to get Nathan home in time. That kid is sure a cutie!

Davene said...

I'm so glad Nathan made it home in time!!!

This whole post made me weepy. Every single bit of it.

Congratulations to all of you!

lea said...

he is almost as adorable as my grandchildren will be (some distant day in the future)... almost...

and i am so together that i have a new baby gift for her (and a not so new baby gift for brite) ready to put in the mail...

laura said...

I don't even want to think about how many more aunts and uncles there will be in 5, 10 years...

I hope to go take some pictures of that little guy very soon!

Lori said...

He's beautiful!

Kara said...

Beautiful. Mamma is beautiful, baby is beautiful, daddy is beautiful, Grandmamma is beautiful. You get the idea!

Kahlua Keeping Koala said...

YOu are a brave woman. No one but my hairdresser has cut my hair in 18 years. I'm in big trouble if her price ever goes up!

Congratulations. Reading your blog gives me an idea of what my mother must have felt when L was born. Thanks. She doesn't share a thing.

Laurel said...

Beautiful post. I'm a mama of 13, and can't wait for the grandma phase. My eldest is getting married in June. Yippee!