Thursday, December 11, 2008

Fudge for Dummies

So if you are like some relatives of mine (no names) who claim that cooking is really "too hard" and "not fun" (those quotes are for you WSPIV) this is THE recipe for you. You can make it in five minutes- good for those with short attention spans or an inability to delay gratification- and it always turns out. You can not mess this up. Not even you. (You know who you are.) And you will wow your friends and family when you serve this at your next Christmas or office party. This has become a tradition for our family and the Christmas season seems lacking or empty without it (I know fudge does not play a role in the true meaning of Christmas, but it IS important...)

So here it is:
5-minute fudge

See the link for complete instructions, but here's the gist...

Melt the following over low heat:
1 bag of chocolate chips
3/4 bag of some other kind of chips (butterscotch, peanut butter, white chocolate, mint)
1 can sweetened condensed milk

Stir in some vanilla. Add (or not) nuts, craisins, etc. Follow instructions on the link to make into a wreath, using the empty condensed milk can. Very cool, and impressive.

The only thing I do differently is put it in a springform pan which makes it a whole lot easier to transfer to plate whole (which means it still looks like a wreath vs. cutting it up into delicious pieces). I did use a regular cake pan per the instructions when I made it today and I just had to cut the wreath in half to get it out of the pan, and put it back together. It will still be delicious.

Warning: the recipe says it makes 2 lbs or 32 servings. It always makes AT LEAST 2 lbs. on my hips and rear end.

Here is a picture of my two year old making fudge last Christmas...


Debbie said...

I see no picture of your amazing 2yo making fudge. I only see that little box with the red x.

An honest question here...
Besides just eat the fudge "straight", is there anything else you can do with it. I like the taste, but it always seems too rich to eat alone. (Which is why it was never a tradition when you were growing up.)
Love, MOM

Brite said...

I tried to comment yesterday and then my computer froze. The picture shows up in Firefox...sorry about that. Warren loves fudge, although once a year is enough for him. It makes a very easy dessert (we had friends over Thursday night and it went perfectly with the cappuccinos he made) and he also likes to eat it with milk. It's just like eating a candy bar...which I rarely do, but lots of other people must because they still sell all kinds of candy bars. :)

Miss Blair said...

Hey Brite,

I am enjoying the blog. Thanks for sending me the address.

I have Firefox but the picture still doesn't show up for me. I thought you might like to know in case there's some uploading problem that can be fixed. I would NOT know ;)

Have a great day!

In Him,