Sunday, December 7, 2008

december 7

Sundays are feast days here at our house; we look forward with anticipation to the great celebration we will have with Christ in heaven and we whoop it up here on earth as a picture of that great day. This mostly plays out in the food department, but we want our children to grow up looking forward to the Sabbath so we include all kinds of special treats to set the day apart. It's the only day Daddy is home with no work to do, so that alone is a treat for all of us. We often have guests for lunch, I try to bake something for breakfast (today it was chocolate chip scones...don't you just love the cute plates?), we have a special music playlist, sometimes we take a family walk after naps (oh, and we nap...even the adults if we don't have company...ahh, I love naps!), and after the evening service we have popcorn...this is still a treat for my kids. :) We've just starting playing games with Coop, so he is looking forward to an exciting game of Memory this evening.

What family traditions to you have for Sundays?


lea said...

we have pancakes or waffles for dinner every sunday night. i have this great waffle maker that you turn over (like the ones in hotel breakfast areas). it makes the YUMMIEST waffles!

i love the idea of special music just for the Lord's day, i may have to steal that one for my family.

brite, it is so great to have this little moment with you everyday. i didn't realize how much i missed you!

Cathy said...

I don't usually leave comments for your Mom ;) but I want to encourage you to keep blogging here (and I just love the idea of grown up daughters doing fun things with their Moms, it gives me hope for the future!)

SO - we have the same breakfast every Sunday and we always set the table fully (candles, special table cloth, music playing) and have dessert! : )

We don't have Sunday evening church....but we do sing together after dinner. : )

Brite said...

Lea, I'd love to get a waffle maker like that. We have one but I've used the fancy schmancy one and it is so much better!

Cathy, I look forward to when our children are old enough to really sing with us. We sing together during family worship and they are learning (Adeline says "Amen" after every stanza) but it will be so much more fun when they can read. :) What is your Sunday breakfast?

Anonymous said...

Glad to see someone taking up the Blog Mantle for the Pittman. Good stuff. Thanks, Dado

Debbie said...

OK, So do I feel weird commenting here on my own blog? Not really.
I'm just happy to be sharing the Blog Load with someone.

As far as making Sundays special, we've done different things over the years, but since we've been in the reformed camp we have tried to make it a "set apart" day. We try to always have iced tea with our mid-day meal (the other 6 days are pretty much water days), then we eat dessert right before we go back to evening church (5pm-ish).
We don't have "formal" dessert on the other days.

And naps are definitely a part of God's plan for the Sabbath! One of the younger children always naps with me and I enjoy that snuggle time almost as much as I do the actual nap.

Sure wish I was snuggling with one of my grandbabies, but I guess I won't put a damper on Brite's post by bringing that up (again...)

Love, MOM