Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hi, My name is Debbie and I post here sometimes

I felt like it would be good to do a little Bloggy Intro Refresher since I've been on (yet another) sabbatical. But, this time I have a really good excuse.

I'm serious.

I could even provide a Dr's note if you want proof.

Oh, I get it. Those of you with a bent towards skepticism would like to see a picture of what's been keeping me off the Internet Superhighway, huh? Well, looky here:

I had a much gorier, more offensive, closer upper picture but I accidentally deleted it. So you queasy-stomach readers (which includes me) lucked out. In the other one you could even count the staples. Very Gross.

What? You think this is some anonymous knee I downloaded from some surgical website? You don't think it looks like MY knee? (...which would surprise me, since most of you have never seen my knees...)

Shoot. You are just too clever for me. What gave it away? The puffiness or the hairy-ness?

Or maybe it was that masculine looking toe? If you've been reading my blog for very long (or if you're fortunate enough to know me in person), you may be aware that if I had even one brain cell left in my hospitalized body, I would use it to communicate this important message:


I don't even like visitors when I'm in the hospital, much less cameras. I get serious Bedhead. Plus my face just kind of fades away without mascara and lipstick.

Anyway, back to my Excused Blog Absence. The knee pictured above belongs to my husband. Well, actually it's not his knee at all. (I don't even want to think about what they did with his real knee!) He is now the owner of a new, improved (bionic) knee.

My athletic, hunky husband (AHH) has had several knee surgeries in the past, due to a college football injury. He's always breezed through the surgeries, astounding the Drs and reminding me of why I married him. (fortitude, guts,... and a great body.)

But this knee replacement surgery has thrown us all for a loop. He made it through the operation and hospital stay fine, but the 10 days in rehab has been hard on me...I mean, him (oops!). He's had mucho swelling and erraticly effective pain meds. And his roommate is a streaker (no joke.)

Plus, I don't really care for the whole Single Mom, Sole Cook, Sleeping Alone thing. And I miss him helping me with the driving. Heck, I just miss him period.

Once he's home I think the recovery will go much smoother. I mean, it's so quiet here (between 8 and 3), and so peaceful (except when the kids are practicing their brass instruments, or playing piano, or screaming on the trampoline.) And the food is better here, too (or at least it will be when he starts cooking again.) And he won't have to push a button and wait forever to get his medicine (he can just hobble on over to the cabinet and get it himself.)

Other than the whole metal detector problem when we travel, I think I'm going to like having a husband who can run, jump, and leap tall buildings again.

I hope to blog a couple times a week from here on out - or whenever I durn well feel like it. And here's a pretty picture of my new teapot (a girl's got to do something to take her mind off her ailing husband!) to make up for the stapled knee pictured earlier.


lea said...

i have known you for 5 or so years and i don't think i have seen your knees...

wbtrice said...

What a way to start my day. I sat down with my breakfast, logged on to your blog, happy to see an update, and then that picture... thanks for using the less offensive one. :-P Hope things get back to normal soon.

lea said...

brite, was there ever a "normal" at the pittman house?

busymomof10 said...

Sorry to hear about Bo's surgery! I know it is hard having such a "kneedy" husband! :o

Jax said...

You're back! I missed your updates. Every day I'd check the blog and then think, "What, am I supposed to actually CALL my mother to find out what is going on?? What is this world coming to?"

jessica said...

praying for you that Bo is better and quickly able to be home and start cooking again :)

seriously, love you and we are praying

Meg in Tally said...

So...? Don't any of your gazillion children cook? Are you starving? Should we bring casseroles?

Oh, yeah...I'm in TN...that won't work...sorry.

Kelley said...

Ok, I guess you can only get to know one so well in the context of bloggy world...I didn't notice the leg was hairy and I believed it was yours. I did make a slight mental note that "wow, she has a rather large big-toe for a lady" but even that thought passed quickly.

I hope things get back to normal for you soon!

Kelley said...

Oh, and we're going to hold you accountable to that whole "I'm going to blog a few times a week now" business :-)

Davene said...

Debbie, thanks so much for your comment on my blog; and of course, you are very welcome to link to it for the piece by Harvey!

I'm so sorry to hear that your husband has been down and out. Hopefully by now, he's feeling much better (and you are, too...those sympathy pains seem to be quite strong in your case!) :)

My mother has had several knee surgeries during the last eleven years or so, and the recovery is never any fun, it seems. I guess, for her, she always wants to be better a lot sooner than is realistic.

About the knee didn't bother me at all since I grew up in a doctor's household where our dinner conversations occasionally included blood and guts. But I did think, "Wow, Debbie sure is brave to put a picture like that of her leg on her blog. I don't know if I would do that!" It's much easier to think about putting a picture of my husband's leg on a blog. :)

Laura said...

Totally get the missing the husband thing. I'm deep into that one myself these days.

mamajil said...

Debbie, My prayers go out to ya!!! (remembering when Lamar was on bed rest FOR-EVER after breaking his leg its not fun when our men are down!) I love the Tea Pot, retail therapy can be so soothing!!! ;)Hope things get a bit more normal soon!

Kahlua Keeping Koala said...

Oh Debbie, I know your pain. I'll never forget actually sitting on MMs new ACL to stretch and break away all the scar tissue. I thought I'd break it all! Oh I'm so sorry! We still joke about the catfish that caused it all...

Laurel said...

Just found your blog, and am enjoying it. :)

I'm also a mama of a baker's dozen, and we have had 6 knee surgeries in the last 6 years at our house. (3 for my hubby and 3 for 2 of my girls ... so, we have actually had 6 surgeries on just 4 knees ... yikes!)

Can't wait until my dear daughters get married and have babies! Love to read your stories about the grandbabies.

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