Monday, September 8, 2008

Please excuse our mess....

I'm tempted to count Hunter's "work in progress" post earlier today as my contest post of the day. But lest "someone" try to use this technicality to knock me out of my #1 spot, I'm going to post another quote from the book "Keeping House". I must admit, in the beginning of the book I was a little cynical of the author's way of spiritualizing every household chore.

But a few chapters into the book, I began to be energized by the reminders. An eternal perspective is hard to come by on days that start at 6:15a.m. and end at 11:00 pm (after helping with two 500 word essays and a 2nd graders timeline of her life.) Mrs. Peterson's continual emphasis of God's design for house keeping has become a welcome prodding.

Today's quote is from the section on Clothing a Household.

"In all of this there are echoes of the familiar themes of Christian theologies of work. ....Most individual householders no longer make most articles of clothing, but the assembling of a wardrobe stocked with clothing or a linen closet stocked with sheets is still akin to the work of creation. Laundry is a work of providential care; mending is restorative or healing; ironing is an act of perfecting."

"Even so seemingly nontranscendent an act as putting clothing away can be a gesture of memory or of hope. We put laundry away in drawers and closets in the expectation that another day or season will come when we will need these things again."

"Alongside all of this,of course, lies the reality of clothing as a simple necessity and the act of clothing others as a work of mercy. People have bodies, and our bodies need clothes. Our households thus need routines and practices that provide for these needs and for the needs of the house itself - sheets for the beds, towels for the bathrooms, a cloth for the dining table - routines rooted in the recognition that as we do such work, we are engaged in the essentials of life in the body and life in the community."

Tomorrow I'll resume posting pictures of 30 Corners of My House. I changed my kitchen All Around - so, yes, Kanani - I do have Kitchen Addiction (vs. Addition).

Ever since we moved into this house I have been trying to find a way to get a desk in the kitchen. I think that's a natural place for a woman to have an "office", since much of her work revolves around the kitchen (no laughing, Jodi!) Our kitchen windows also have a beautiful view, so I wanted a comfy chair to sit in and gaze out. Unfortunately, in order to add the comfy chair and the desk, I had to remove something that "some" (aka husband) would say was an essential kitchen furnishing.

So we'll just have to see how it goes without the table in there for now :)

Don't you think eating at an actual table is way overrated? We are so spoiled here in America.


Kelley said...

Yeah, I for sure wouldn't have come up with those kind of perspectives on my own (regarding certain household chores) but I do like the part of being reminded as we're putting clothes away (one of my not-so-favorite chores but better than mopping) that we have a hope that they will be used again. That is definitely a blessing!

Lori said...

This post and your last reminded me of a post I read recently and printed out it was so inspirational. The post compared the "as you have done for the least of these my brothers you have done unto me" list of actions from Matthew 25 to the daily things we do for our children.

jessica said...

i was just thinking as you were talking about the desk, that the perfect spot would be where your window encircles the (extra) table.... i think your table quotient is just right. The table in your living room is available and you have your dining room table. Did the kids eat at the old kitchen table?

Are you not using the desk in your bedroom? I think you are on a creative roll.... go girl go!!!!

jessica said...

the doughnuts are a bit flat but i like the back ground color, and the stripes and overall look.

btw Hunter's photos were a nice artistic diversion from my recitation of latin, timelines,science etc. They are incredible

Debbie said...

Well, Jessica - I am on some kind of a roll, either creative...or lunatic! But I need some affirmation. Please come over and tell me it looks OK. Oh, and Bring one of your salads if you really want to affirm me :)

Meg in Tally said...

Speaking of salads...have you tried the Mandarin Chicken Salad at Wendy's. Yeah, its fast food, but you get all this cool stuff to put on it! Yummy!

Okay...maybe you weren't speaking of salads. Now that I've been without a table to 'dine' at for nearly 5 years, I've come to live with it and appreciate that if you don't have one--it's impossible for it to get cluttered, dusty, or scratched!

BTW, who says you're #1? (except in our hearts, of course...)