Monday, September 1, 2008

Taking care of business ... and working overtime, yeah, yeah....

(name that tune in the subject line and you could win ....some free advice (since that's about all I have to give right now.)

As those of you already know who read the blog of my compatriot (and sometimes competitor), Lea - Today is the first day of September. probably could've figured that out without even knowing Lea.

Lea is creative. Lea brings energy to anyplace she happens to be (even the blogosphere, where ever that is...). Lea is always doing more than is expected of her, and she does it better than anyone else. Until Now, that is.

Today is the beginning of our newest Bloggy Contest - A September to Remember. In typical Lea Fashion, she started the September contest in August - supposedly NOT so she could get a head start (in some circles this would be AKA cheating) on her competition, but because she knew she'd have a hard time limiting her September memories to 30 days. So, since she's starting out from the get-go by breaking the rules (which we make up as we go, despite Kelley's desire to turn this contest into something bonafide and verifiable), my first September to Remember Contest post won't start until tomorrow.

Today, I post pictorial evidence of my Paula Dean shopping spree - and a few pictures of my Labor Day weekend visit with The Palest and Cutest Grandchildren On The Planet.

Tomorrow, I begin my September to Remember posts - which will be something along the lines of Thirty Corners of My Home (not to borrow from Lea's Forty Women to Remember....If it sounds at all similar, it is a total coincidence.)

If you have a blog and would like to join us in blogging every day in September, post a comment with your blog address. We're still working out the kinks of the specifics. Lea wants us "all to be winners" (sort of like the Special Olympics of Blogging), but I have a very hard time motivating myself to compete if (a) there are no prizes, and (b) I have no one to beat the pants off of.

We'll try to have all the rules worked out by tomorrow. Lea is coming over tonight to visit the Adorable Pale Grandchildren (and their parents), so the subject "may" come up.


Cooper (aka Michael Phelps) who didn't even want to get his hair wet two weeks ago, has turned into a fish...swimming back and forth....back and forth....back and forth, from the steps to his Dad. We literally had to force him to stop and get some air!


Here's the whole sweet family; Cooper, Warren, Brite (with Thomas underwater and in utero), and Adeline.


Paula Dean gift bag, Paula Dean dishcloth, Paula Dean water bottle, Paula Dean receipt (just so ya' know I didn't steal the stuff..)
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Stay tuned for the first Corner of My Home in a September to Remember!


Meg in Tally said...

Now, wait just a dadburn minute here... Yes we know Lea has sort of been {whispered} cheating...

But since today is the FIRST...wouldn't it follow that you should START remembering on the FIRST?

Oh...I get're remembering your Labor Day visit with those beautiful grandchildren and the guy with good teeth!

Now I get it!!!

Lori said...

Well, you can TRY to beat the pants off of me, but it will be really hard because...

1. I have the first REAL Remember in September post according to Lea. (40 pts.- OK, so the points I assigned myself, but Lea did comment on my blog that mine was the first)

2. I created my blog for the sole purpose of participating in September in Remember. (15 pts.)

3. My remembering theme is conducive to very short posts, so posting every day should be relatively easy.

Kelley said...

Oh yes, perhaps it would be better if you were all, in the end, recognized as bloggy-winners. To those of you who share my competitive spirit...I tried. Either way I'll read the blogs of those participating and throw in some points here and there...even though they're worthless since there's no one to beat and no prizes win...

Cute kiddos!

mamajil said...

I love the dish cloth, and the pics of the grand kids....and I am sorting through the contest and its GRAND PRIZE :)

Have a great week!!

lea said...

since i made up the rules, i can say that you didn't cheat (only because you said some really nice things about me and i hadn't even buttered you up with the chocolate pie which by the way, when i say "buttered" you up with the chocolate pie... i mean "BUTTERED" you up because it did contain a lot of butter).