Thursday, September 11, 2008

Lame Post Just For the Contest

It's late. I'm kicking myself for not blogging earlier in the day when I had energy, creativity, time, and was thinking semi-clearly. None of that is true right now.

Of course, you know I'm in a contest with Lea (and other contestants she lured in to make it seem like she wasn't just out for revenge for her previous loss to me.)Well, tonight was my monthly book club meeting and Lea asked me to pick her up.

I should've been suspicious but it's not really in my nature not to trust people.

The book club was wonderful, as usual. The food was amazing. We were reading The Chosen (see sidebar for link...cause there's no chance WHATSOEVER that I'm going to take the extra 45 seconds to do that for you), so we had kosher food. Jodi made the orange marmalade cake from The Mitford series (totally unkosher, totally unrelated to the book, but totally delicious.)

Anyway, it was getting late and I knew I needed to get home to, check on my children and be with my husband. But Lea....stalled. She talked to people, she claimed she couldn't carry everything to the van in one trip....she might've even pretended to have to go to the bathroom.

Again..I should've realized something was up, but I believe in people to a fault, I guess.

It really didn't hit me until I dropped her off, got home late, put my pjs on, flossed (of course), and looked at the clock. I'm pretty sure she thought I'd just concede the contest to her rather than post at Twenty Till Twelve on a Thursday night when I have to get up BEFORE the crack of dawn (literally) to do my motherly duties. But No Way, JoseLea.

I may have absolutely nothing to say - and no pictures to post. Not even P.O.O.P.I.E. pictures. But no one can say I wasn't willing to go the extra blog mile to stay in the game.

Good night. I promise tomorrow to have a new Corner of My House to post, along with a decorating tip.

Oh, and by the way - It really wasn't Lea's fault. I was jk.

She was as tired as I am when I dropped her off - and we stayed very late at book club because we BOTH talked alot and had a very stimulating, intellectually draining, high-kosher-calorie night discussing everything from the Holocaust to parenting to ....asses (Baalam's). She regrets the contest as much as I do right about now.

What a girl won't do for a bowl of grits.


Meg in Tally said...

No wonder we haven't had a MNO in MONTHS!!!! You gals are all doing that hotsy-totsy 'BOOK CLUB' so that you don't have to hang out with the likes of us! Well, listen here ARE going to have to share them thar grits!

Lori said...

This is why I chose a memorizing theme. It's all about strategy. Short and sweet. Just a few minutes to post. I can even cut and paste from Bible Gateway and no one will be the wiser...

Then my internet time can go to reading all y'all's long, interesting posts.

lea said...

not only do i have to blog today, BUT i have to put in a toponym. WHY LORD? i think i didn't pray enough before i decided to do this contest...

Laura said...

So glad I didn't pick a theme!

Even though I do a book club, I made sure it was not on MNO night! Are we going to have them again (I know you aren't in charge anymore, but you might be in the know)?

Kelley said...

A little competitive spirit goes a long way, huh? It's already 10am and I'm so tired that knowing you posted so late inclines me to give you 50 points for the not-so-full-of-content post. What a woman.

I love the family picture on the sidebar!