Thursday, July 24, 2008

Day Four ...The Quiet Before the Storm

Wow! Has this week gone by as fast for you as it has for me? I think not.

I can hardly believe my children will be back in their soft, clean beds by this time tomorrow night. By this tomorrow I will have multiple piles of stinky laundry sorted in the hall outside the laundry room. By this time tomorrow my clean floors will be scattered with camp dirt. By this time tomorrow my ears will be talked off by seven children recapping their week-long adventures.

By this time tomorrow my chicks will be back in the nest where they belong, my husband and I will go back to emailing as our primary mode of communication, and life will go back to the infamous "normal".

No more meals out with friends.

No more uninterrupted time for projects.

No more leisurely shopping at new stores (no picture for this one, so instead I'm inserting two pictures of my new jewelry box - the one that matches my bathroom, came in a camera-sized box, but does not take pictures.)

I've learned some things this week.

- My children are not the only reason I don't get more done.

- Quiet can be distracting.

- I don't really care for water. It needs a little fizz.

- I enjoy being with friends and having the time to pay attention to what they're saying. Normally, knowing that any second I could be interrupted, my friends and I talk simultaneously. We hear each other, almost miraculously and much to my husband's wonderment, but I now know we could listen with our hearts if we made the time to take turns :)

- I would not eat well if I was childless. I honestly don't think I would ever cook if I didn't have children. It seems like such a waste.

- My devotions are more meaningful if I do them mid-morning, when I'm fully awake and have taken care of the morning chores that usually scream out at me while I'm trying to read or pray. (Problem is, by mid-morning the kids are also screaming out at me.)

Here's a project I never got to finish - although I did get some fabric out to experiment on.

I also never read the first page of a magazine.

Did not put my school books up for sale.

Did not work on the portfolios.

Did not go room-by-room to make a list of must-dos.

Did not eat from a plate every meal.

Maybe next year :)

P.S. Did you notice my site is under construction?! Hunter is helping me revamp it.
He promised to give me a cooler looking blog if I promised not to keep talking about how F-A-T I looked on the blog. (What would I do without the constant input my older kids give me about how to live my life? It's amazing I've made it 50+ years by my porcine ol' self. Don't worry. I never taught him the definition of porcine :)


Kara said...

I thought I was at the wrong blog at first. You're brave to change your look! After Meg in Tally lost all her widgets changing hers, I decided to leave mine alone.

The doughnuts make me hungry! But they go so well with your title!

Enjoy your last day of quiet!

Meg in Tally said...

Great new look! Wish I had a computer guru to do mine...I'd pomise NEVER say I was F.A.T.

Actually, I was thinking how slimming that sepia tone is!

Good luck on your widgets! I checked out a HTML for dummies book at the library today. Maybe if I ever get around to reading it I can be my own guru...or NOT!

Meg in Tally said...

Oh my goodness...don't I READ my stuff before hitting the publish key???

I'd PROMISE never to say I was F.A.T.

PLEASE, don't tell Kanani about all my goofs! I live in fear of that woman!!!! (Just kidding..)

brite said...

Great domestic goddess pictures- I'd say your blog rivals the Pleasant View Schoolhouse!

lea said...

i want a new blog look too! i also want some new furniture, and a new and slimmer figure.

not to rub it in... but it is still (fairly) quiet at my house. two week camp is the way to go....

we look so rustic in sepia tones at breakfast. i too am enjoying doing my Bible study time later in the day. i think i realize why i keep getting so distracted when it do it first thing... it is all the yawning....

Kelley said...

I like the new bloggy look!

Well, what the youngsters don't realize is that there is something comforting about letting the world know you are aware of a bit of excess fat cells. I find it a relief to let others know that...yeah, I you don't have to wonder if I'm clueless that I put on 20 lbs of furlough fat during our 7 month stay in the States (that's what Papa John's Pizza and donuts will do to a person!). So you won't get any promises from me...I'm going to continue to bring my plump figure into the spotlight 'til it's back to the size it should be :-)

Shepherd said...

"I'm loving" the new look, as Mary-Faith would say.

I'm in the Jacksonville airport waiting to go get my car. Of course the first thing I checked was CBTBD.

Fine I checked Facebook first. Just to see what Dad was up to.

Kaluha Keeping Koala said...

I want some KKs. I almost got some Friday, but I refrained.

Mama Weso said...

Those doughnuts look absolutely scrumptious and I want one now!

jessica said...

i like the doughnuts, and the pretty pink color......i also appreciate the lovely simplicity of your site

jessica said...

sorry to comment twice, but i have been thinking of the red and cream ticking fabric after seeing it again in the photo......i really like it.... have you made a decision??????

Debbie said...

I love the way most of you are commenting twice these days! Do the donuts keep calling you back? :)

Yes, Jessica, I really like the red ticking on that ottoman. Do you think I could start a new trend if I just leave the fabric draped over it instead of paying to have it slipcovered?

jax said...

Your new blog design makes me if I'm not already covered in that area. (Baby keeps wanting Whoppers! And I don't even like fast food.)
I was so excited to check your site + find THREE entries I hadn't seen before! Now who's slacking!?
Your plans for the week without the kids are inspiring me for my last few months without children! Although I'm finding that I get more done in my few hours around the house (now that I have a job) than I did in my long, lazy days at home before! The time crunch makes me move faster + waste less.

lea said...

are you sure those are real doughnuts in that photo on your blog.....

Debbie said...

Lea, darling, if it makes you feel less tempted, you can pretend they're made of straw, hay, and stubble for all I care. I've drooled over many a picture of a milk shake I found out later was some kind of frosty looking thick goo, but it didn't keep me from wanting a real one!

lea said...

isn't there a krispy kreme dangerously close to your house... perhaps when i take the book back to you today, i will visit the drive thru...