Sunday, June 22, 2008

Blog Cheating

I have had so much fun the last week or so just reading other people's blogs (in addition to laundry, VBS, getting my school portfolios ready for evaluations, and going to The Mountain to visit my grandchildren for Father's coming!)

So, when I came across this blog post, by a Christian author I admire, and it turned out to be about Organizing Closets, I realized I may be on to something. I can just surf the big ol' Blog-Swamped net for you (cuz I'm forever thinking about you and how I can enrich your precious little lives, dontcha know? :) - and copy and paste over here at the Baker's Dozen blog. Perhaps Originality is a little over rated.

Is that cheating...or creativity...? Ingenious or lazy? Good stewardship (why should we all waste our Limited Bloggy Brains) or Copycatting?

Either way, I've had such a longer-than-usual break the last 10 days, the kind of break that causes people to forget you even have a blog - so I figure I've lost most of my readers anyway - Just for today maybe the rest of you would just as soon jump on over to this blog and read more thought-provoking stuff like this:

"The goal is joy overflowing, even into our closets and out our drawers and cupboards."

P.S. I was convicted by what I read. After you read it, come back here and tell me which category you fall into. Here's a shocker for you: I'm a Fusser (a reformed fusser, but a Fusser Still.)

Don't forget to come back. Nancy Wilson, with her 32 comments on peanut butter, doesn't need you - But I DO!


lea said...

i have to go and take the ribbons off of the sheets... oh, wait i only have one set of sheets for each bed. that i why they aren't tied with ribbons. because that would be VERY cute and i have LOTS of extra ribbons.

from one fusser to another...

Meg in Tally said...

No fussing here! I loved the husband's comment:

“What makes you think I would want to be married to you if you were more organized?”

My husband probably wouldn't like me very much as a fusser. Because then I would start fussing about all HIS mess! After nearly 26 years, I don't think his mess is in any danger!

Mama Weso said...

Ooops. I was going to go take the ribbons of our sheets too and then I remembered, like Lea -- I don't have sheets in the closet. I did like the post and I liked your willingness (or was it eagerness?) to "blog cheat" because you give all of us new bloggers great ideas!

Brite said...

This was my favorite quote: Important announcement: You are not omnipotent. Rejoice in that! :)

Even though my mother is a fusser, apparently all her children have escaped that (sometimes going to the other extreme...but we'll just presume that is immaturity for now). :) I probably could be a fusser if I had more time and energy and less children. Mom, on Friday before Gourmet Club (when it was vital that I take a nap) I realized again that I could do this great dinner without love and joy and it would be sort of helped me not be so stressed out about the fact that at lunchtime (hours before the dinner) there was hardly a place to step because of all the toys. Four kids in our little house all week took its toll! Anyway, it all turned out great. Thanks for the blog recommendation. ;-) I hadn't read this entry.

Anonymous said...

Since I can't edit my post, I should add that while you are still a fusser, you have come a long way from the days when everything had to be perfectly dusted. :) At this rate, I think by the time you get to heaven you won't be a fusser anymore. :)

Jax said...

You, a fusser? ;)

I shudder to think what my house would look like if I hadn't grown up with a "fusser" as a mother -- maybe just like in a marriage, God uses parents' shortcomings to balance out their children's opposite tendencies. I did spend all day today getting my house back in order after weeks of morning-sickness-induced regression!

And thanks for the blog link ... another one to add to my list to check up on! (No wonder I never get any books read anymore!)

Davene said...

Thanks for the link to that article. That was very thought-provoking and inspiring!

Laura said...

When I try to be too organized, I become the tyrannical mommy she was talking about. Right now I am just trying to organize suit cases and get ready for Kimmy to help me get my house clean enough to come back to it.