Saturday, May 17, 2008

New things

What an amazingly full day - full of family, full of friends, full of surprises, full of weariness! I must be honest with you, folks. If it wasn't for the harebrained Every Day in May obligation/burden - I would not be posting tonight.

To continue with this theme of Honest Blogging,I will also admit that I'm having trouble even posting (inferior) pictures now that I've seen the pictures Jodi's camera takes. She's emailing me some pictures she took of the "Twins" 16th birthday party today - but in the meantime I'll salt the oats with these.

My daughter and her husband came down to surprise the birthday kids - and they brought my newest GrandDog, Bella (sister to Zulu), a 7 week old boxer. She is Adorable, especially with her pink jeweled collar, which of course you can't see because my rinky-dink camera (that I used to love before I saw Jodi's) doesn't pick up Details. You can see this is a smallish dog napping on a couch, I'll give you that - but much of her loveableness is blurred - as well as the chic vintage pillow next to her.

And talk about New Things - our good friend, Laura (shown here with Bella's mom, Jacqueline, my son-in-law Nathan, and my oldest son, Shepherd) brought us a little treat she picked up at Fresh Market. Look at the picture on the container. My camera makes it look like a tan bicep next to a dark block. But it's actually Bacon Chocolate.

Yes, indeedy it's chocolate squares with little bits-o-bacon in them.
Yum, Yum! right? Well, we weren't in agreement on that point. A couple of people liked the squares enough to actually swallow them, and me...I had to be forced to eat even a sliver, so as not to be rude to Laura, who takes amazing pictures of my family and has promised to teach me digital scrapbooking. I would do almost anything to learn how to scrapbook... sans the glue and cutting and enormous amount of time and space it takes to set up. Maybe even chew some lunchmeat bubblegum.

This is Bella, with her Uncle Shep. He is not a dog lover. But he is single. And he knows single girls dig guys with puppies. I think you can see right through his fake "I just love puppies" grin, so I'm going to suggest he not use this picture if he decides to do the thing. Plus, he doesn't need to pretend anything! He's an amazing artist, writer, son, and brother. He's courteous, generous, and owns his own car. What's not to love?

Since today was the Big 16th Birthday Party for Winston and Mary-Faith, I figured I should post the obligatory candles picture....while waiting for Jodi to email me the really cool pictures she took of the party today.

Off to get some much-deserved and needed rest. This was our first party in the new house and we had 26 people here eating tacos, making sundaes, throwing water balloons, and leaving wet towels on my wood floor. Hospitality comes with a cost - and today it was my pleasure to pay up :)


Anonymous said...

Such a cute set of twins! Becky was bummed not to be able to participate. I think it was something about her mom not being invited....JK!

mamajil said...

Happy birthday to the 16 yr olds!!!
I enjoy your blogs!

lea said...

i am so glad that the party went well and you were able to use the pool and the outside, imagine how much worse the clean up would have been if it had still been mad dog storming!

i have a great story to tell you from our middle school girl party. you will LOVE this one...

Colette said...

Sounds fun! :)
The picture of Shepherd and the puppy was priceless. :lol:

Brite said...

Looks fun- wish we could have been there. I heard about that bacon chocolate from Kate's blog, and it didn't look appetizing on her's either. :) As for your camera, I'm sure you could have a better camera (and probably, that is not a hint about a future birthday present) a big part of your problem looks like the flash. Pioneer Woman says she doesn't take a picture if she needs the flash because it distorts everything so much. Try to find more natural lighting and turn off your flash if you can. (I'm sure Lea or Hunter could give you MUCH better photo tips, but I'm a little person like you with a dinky camera, which makes me feel qualified to offer said advice.):)