Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Guess My Exciting News!

I probably shouldn't be asking any more questions on my blog, since yesterday's query received NO correct answers. But this one is a tad easier and has nothing to do with deceased bards - plus I have picture clues for you tonight. Does anyone else remember Bill Cosby's PBS show for kids, Picture Picture? The theme song for that is playing (incessantly) in my mind right now. Please, make it stop!

Picture Clue #1 (adorable GrandDaughter doing her movie star thing...)


Picture Clue #2 (adorable GrandSon doing his chivalrous thing...)

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Picture Clue #3 (Gorgeous daughter and Handsome Son-in-law - Not the parents of the above children, that would be a different Gorgeous daughter.) Are you getting warm?


Picture Clue #4 (Gorgeous daughter, donned in an apron, showing her domestic side that she obviously inherited from me - but something seems to be missing...)

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Did you guess my exciting news? Yes, I'm going to be a GrandMama again! and again!!, because both of my married daughters are expecting babies. Brite, mother of the two adorable Grandchildren pictured above, is expecting again in November - and Jacqueline is due in January.

Everything you've ever heard about how wonderful it is to be a Grandmother is true.
I wasn't prepared for how quickly I'd be smitten with them...How every little thing they said and did would be so memorable...How much closer my daughter and I would become over our shared "motherhood"...How tough it would be to live so far from them!!!

I vividly remember the pit in my stomach and the tears in my eyes as I drove home after spending 11 days with my daughter and her first baby, my GrandSon, Cooper. It just felt weird to be leaving a baby I felt so attached to. Before I had grandchildren, I lived with all the babies I had loved...But this time I had fallen in love with a baby I had to leave 6 hours away (more like 8 if I was driving...)

And now I will have two more babies to love, and buy things for, and talk to on the phone, and pray for, and buy things for.

I am One Blessed Mama -

P.S. While I was searching for picture clues I came across this picture of Beatrice (see yesterday's post) in her better days. The kids took some more pictures of her today, with all the raccoon puncture holes "draining", but I know she'd be embarrassed if we used those for her Blog Debut. I'm sure she'd much rather you see her standing on a rack with a bunch of stinky shoes.



Kaluha Keeping Koala said...

Your cat is all better and you get to read all the books you bought at FPEA now? What, did I miss something?

lea said...

i guessed correctly (said in a sing songy victory gloating kind of way). i also might have had some previous knowledge. let's just i foreknew and make me sound all holy...

Meg in Tally said...

Congrats Granny!

Persuaded said...

what wonderful news:) i have yet to have any grandbabies, but from what i hear it is an unadulteratedly (spellcheck says that's a real word-wow) glorious experience.

since none of mine are married or even close to it at this point, i am happy to wait, however;)

and you have been blogging every day in may? wow- you have my undiluted awe!

Davene said...

I'm so excited for you!!!

It was eye-opening to me to read this line of yours: "Before I had grandchildren, I lived with all the babies I had loved." Helps me realize what I put my parents through by having our first two children on opposite ends of the earth from my parents. Finally, our 3rd was born very close to home; and he gets lots of hands-on love from Grandpa and Grandma. (Of course, our first 2 do as well...) :)

Sometimes it's hard for me to see beyond the day-to-day life I'm living as a young reading your perspective is very helpful!

And, wow, you're getting close to the end of May!

Colette said...

That is such great news! :D

Colette said...

Perhaps I should also add that I guessed correctly upon seeing the title and first picture. :)

brite said...

She's a very good Grandmama (not Granny, FYI) even at a distance. :)I'd say she's a great Grandmama, but I don't want you to get the wrong idea. She is VERY young to have four grandchildren by this time next year! At this rate (and if my brothers get married in the next few years), she'll be making an announcement almost every year...stay tuned! :)

Jax said...

You had me in suspense until the end! (...okay...maybe not.)
I can't wait until you are posting pictures of your NEWEST number one most adorable grandchild next year!

the man responsible said...

your welcome...

and since you want to buy stuff for your grandchildren... ask Jax where you can get the crib she wants.

Did your daughter's expensive taste come from you too?

I'm glad my children will have such wonderful Grandmas! Thanks for raising an amazing daughter (she's making dinner right now actually).

Jessica said...

it is so exciting that more little people are on the way in the extended pittman clan!!!! After being your roomie I must also correct the impression that you overindulged in the wonderful veggie wraps at FPEA.... the first night we shared one :) You of course were the model of restraint and self control:)

Boscout said...

Well finally the HOH must put in his two cents worth--two things that is--forget the book titles and just list the dollars and cents; go ahead while confessing and share that you used a ringer for the cat picture==Mocha is shown who still lives in Quincy; Beatrice is a tiny calico cat.

brite said...

Busted! I guess my husband should weigh in since all the other men are commenting these days.