Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Things I Learned (so far) About Moving

1. Buying a big house, in the middle of town, advertised: "as is" adds excitement and adventure to your life.

2. "As is" has no definitive meaning.

3. Most problems you encounter while buying a house "as is" will require several thousands of dollars - - - for each problem - - - especially for the flooded basement.

4. It's way more fun to clean your new house than your old house.

5. Even if your new house is left dirty - for you to clean - you will still feel guilty if you leave any dirt in your old house for the new owners to clean. (Which means you will clean two houses.)

6. Once your old house is devoid of furniture and the cabinets are empty, it will look like you were a pig and never cleaned your house (even though, in actuality, you are a neat freak bordering on obsessive.)

7. Children can not be trusted to pack alone. Or to clean alone. Or to be packing or cleaning while you blog about things you learned (so far) about moving.

8. Boxes are a rip-off.... and so is packing tape. They add millions of dollars to your move. At last count we were at 162 with 3 rooms to go.

9. Friends are great. Friends who volunteer to help you move are amazing. Friends who keep your kids while other friends help you pack/paint/clean/cook/scrub/listentoyouwhine are fantasmo. (Did you know that's a real word? I plan on using it several more times today :)

10. People who plan on continuing to home school, keep a regular meal schedule, return phone calls (unless they're from contractors), or read-aloud to their kids, are living in a Fantasy World and will be disappointed when they have to pack the school books, the read-aloud, and whole wheat pasta they left out to use "in between packing".

11. There is no such thing as "in between packing".

12. "People", as in the "people" you sleep with each night, who are off working each day so you can afford to buy a big, "as is" house downtown - will still expect you to do laundry, fold, and iron during the moving process. They also still want to eat, but they are pretty flexible regarding that.

13. Chick-Fil-A is no longer a treat if you have to eat it four times in a row.

14. You can't really keep up with blogging while you move. So, I'll see you in about a week.....Lord willing, and we get the computer working over there.....


Davene said...

Were you really up at 4:40 a.m. posting this??? :) Poor dear! I hope things continue to go well..."continue" because I'm sure they've been going well up until now, right? What??? They haven't? :)

See you on the other side!

Persuaded said...

i came by earlier, read your post and laughed. been snickering to myself ever since then.

i've tried to think of a witty comment, but nothing i had could compare with the wittiness of thee.

so i'll just send you a ((hug)) and a prayer for moving blessings;-)

Jenni said...

Oh, thanks for making me laugh! We are planning to move in the next month, and it will be our 5th home since we got married, so it hit close to home! Good luck!

Jacqueline said...

Come on, Mom, moving 9 people + thousands of things into a new house that needs weeks + weeks of work is no excuse not to update your blog!