Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Wanna sign my holiday petition?

We're doing the Holiday Shuffle over here at the Baker's Dozen household. Putting away Mr. and Mrs. Pilgrim. Cooking the decorative, fall squash that previously adorned our Thanksgiving table, carefully packing away our autumn linens.....

(Hey now! There's an advantage to blogging I had overlooked.....Those Who Don't Know Me In Real Life, might envision me, in a cute vintage apron, sweetly laboring over my stove cutting up my little squashes - and frugally roasting my precious pumpkin seeds...I just LOVE thinking of me like that, but.... for Those Who DO Know my real life - they have a different picture in mind.....One in which my boys competitively heave squashes into the far corners of our woods, and decimate the pumpkins with their Boy Scout knives.)

Every year about this time I think of President Washington, and his wife...who certainly should've added her womanly 2cents worth when her husband told her his intended date for Thanksgiving, being it was Very Close to Another Important Holiday. Or maybe she didn't really mind the fact that she would be doing two big turkey dinners within a month's time- and maybe she didn't have 43 relatives to shop for (that number is not made up!) Maybe she didn't realize Christmas carols would be playing while she was still trying to eat up her Thanksgiving leftovers.

Since I doubt anyone would take me seriously if I proposed to move Christmas a tad further away from November (even though most scholars...meaning my Pastor, think Jesus was probably born in the spring.....several months away from Thanksgiving)- I think we should start a movement to have Thanksgiving in late September (right after the back-to-school sales are over.) I could be really grateful for a break between major holidays.

Meanwhile, other than drawing names for Secret Angels (see explanation in next post)- I'm insisting on a one-week chasm between our day of gratefulness and the beginning of our Christmas holiday decorating, gift list making, tree finding, cookie baking, shopping, and Christmas music playing - - - especially the Vegge Tale Christmas CD ....There's a 3 week ban on that one!

- Debbie

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homeschoolerz said...

Some Biblical Scholars believe Jesus was born on September 11. Maybe we should move Christmas to September and then have Christmas over with to enjoy Thanksgiving?!